Stitch Fix Review #8: March 2015

Disclosure: This post contains referral links that will help support my Stitch Fix addiction. All sign ups through my referral link are greatly appreciated!

Stitch Fix Review- March 2015 - The Everyday Warrior

In case you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, let me bring you up to speed. Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription service (although you don’t have to get one every month, you pick how often) that sends you clothes and accessories based on a style profile that you fill out. You can keep what you like and send back what you don’t. There is a $20 styling fee but if you keep any of the items, the $20 fee is deducted from the total purchase price of the item(s) you keep. If you keep all 5 of the items from your fix you receive a 25% discount on EVERYTHING. Basically it is like playing dress up as an adult…..and it is both fun and addicting! To sign up to get a fix of your own, click here!

Every month you can also leave a note for your stylist. So if you have an event that you need some clothes for or if you just have an idea of what kind of pieces you want to add to your wardrobe you can pass that information along!

This month I asked my stylist Diana for more edgier and colorful items. Let’s see what she picked out for me!

Item #1: Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top

Stitch Fix  Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top - The Everyday Warrior (1)

Stitch Fix Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top - The Everyday Warrior (1)

I was really excited to see this in my box! I love the navy blue color and the crochet detailing on the shoulders. So cute!

Stitch Fix  Skies are Blue Kaia Crochet Trim Top - The Everyday Warrior

Unfortunately I felt it was a bit boxy once I had it on and although I liked it, I wasn’t in love with it.

Status: Returned

Item #2: Eight Sixty Brazil Brazil Beaded Neckline Knit Tank

Stitch Fix  Eight Sixty Brazil Brazil Beaded Neckline Knit Tank - The Everyday Warrior

Stitch Fix Eight Sixty Brazil Brazil Beaded Neckline Knit Tank - The Everyday Warrior (1)

This is another item that I was excited to see in my fix! Diana said that it is similar to this tank that I pinned on my Pinterest style board. I love love love that Diana takes the time to see what I pin in order to find items that she thinks I will like! She rocks.

Stitch Fix Eight Sixty Brazil Brazil Beaded Neckline Knit Tank - The Everyday Warrior (2)

I love the color of the tank and the beading at the neckline although I must admit, I like the tank that I pinned better. I also really liked the way the tank fit me as it is one of the more fitted shirts that I have received from Stitch Fix. But for some reason I just wasn’t in love with this top although I can’t pinpoint why. Perhaps I just had my heart set on the one that I pinned.

Status: Returned

Item #3: Collective Concepts Nathaniel Hi-Low Blouse

Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Nathaniel Hi-Low Blouse - The Everyday Warrior

My first reaction when I saw this top was that I loved the colors and the print but I was afraid that it was going to be too boxy for me. And once I put it on, I confirmed that the shape of the shirt was just not for me.

Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Nathaniel Hi-Low Blouse - The Everyday Warrior (1)


Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Nathaniel Hi-Low Blouse - The Everyday Warrior (2)

I did however like the blouse when I added the blazer over it but I knew I would never wear it by itself.

Status: Returned 

Item #4: Skies Are Blue Rogan Textured Open Blazer

Stitch Fix Skies Are Blue Rogan Textured Open Blazer - The Everyday Warrior

Another blue item made it into my fix! Doesn’t bother me because like I said, I like blue. I love the texture of the blazer as well as the striping on the inside but I didn’t care for the blazer on me. I may have liked it more if it had buttons so it could be closed.

Stitch Fix Skies Are Blue Rogan Textured Open Blazer - The Everyday Warrior (1)

Status: Returned

Item #5: Margaret M Emer Printed Cropped Straight Leg Pant

Stitch Fix Margaret M Emer Printed Cropped Straight Leg Pant - The Everyday Warrior

When I first pulled these out of the box I was intrigued but a bit hesitant as they aren’t something that I would normally pick for myself. But that is the fun of Stitch Fix right? And I did ask for items that were more colorful and edgy.

Stitch Fix Margaret M Emer Printed Cropped Straight Leg Pant - The Everyday Warrior (1)

Guess what? I LOVE them! They are so fun! They are very versatile as they can be dressed up for work or dressed down for an everyday look. They also fit splendidly!

Status: Kept!

Even though I only kept one item out of my fix this month I still think that Diana did a great job! I was technically on the fence regarding the knit tank and the crochet top but ultimately decided that just liking them didn’t warrant keeping them. I try to only keep what I love as items I just like won’t see the outside of my closet very often. I love that Diana referenced my Pinterest board which further emphasizes how much she tries to understand my style and it also gives me an excuse to keep pinning like a mad woman!

As a side note did you hear that Stitch Fix now carries petite sizes! I am very excited about this and I can’t wait to see how that changes what I receive. Unfortunately, I updated my style profile too late for that to impact this fix but perhaps in April I will have some petite selections in my box. If you are interested in petite sizing just go into your style profile and you will see that it is now listed as an option.

Also, did you know that there is a Stitch Fix group on Facebook?! I just found out about it recently and joined. If you are as Stitch Fix obsessed as I am you should join too! It is fun to see what everyone else gets and just to talk about fixes in general with people who get it! Click here to join the group!

Ready to get your own fix? Click HERE to sign up for Stitch Fix.

Want to see my past fixes? Click on the links below.

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What did you think of my fix this month?

What would you have kept?

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Tried It Tuesday: The Skinnytaste Cookbook

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Skinnytaste Cookbook from Blogging For Books for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook Review

As a follower of The Skinnytaste Blog, I was super excited to get to review The Skinnytaste Cookbook! I have tried a handful of recipes from the blog and I enjoyed them so I was sure that I would enjoy the cookbook as well. Plus I was excited to have all of the great Skinytaste recipes within arms reach. I love the internet but nothing beats an actual book.

Not familiar with The Skinnytaste Blog or cookbook? Gina Homolka is the person behind both the blog and the cookbook and she creates fantastically delicious recipes that are both healthy and taste great!

The Skinnytaste Cookbook is well laid out and just like the blog, the pictures are beautiful!

Here’s a peek at the inside.

The Skinnytaste Cookbook - The Everyday Warrior

So what did I make? I made the Chicken Marsala on the Lighter Side that you see above as well as the Cheesy Cauliflower “Mash” as a side. I found both recipes very easy to follow and they both turned out delicious. They were also both boyfriend approved which is an added bonus!

The Skinnytaste Cookbook Chicken Marsala & Cheesy Cauliflower Mash - The Everyday Warrior (1)

If you are looking for a healthy living cookbook that doesn’t skimp on flavor, this is the cookbook for you. Click here to purchase a copy for yourself over on Amazon.

Have you tried The Skinnytaste Cookbook? What do you think of it?

Do you follow The Skinnytaste Blog?

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Unemployment Update

Garth Brooks World Tour Detroit - The Everyday Warrior

Before we get to my unemployment update let me tell you what I did this past weekend!

I saw Garth Brooks! Yes, again!

This time I took my Uncle (my Dad’s brother) with me and we had a great time! The concert was very similar to the one I went to the week before except I was sitting further away. Not a big deal since there really are no bad seats at a Garth concert. All the songs he played were the same with the exception of a couple of the encore songs. The Garthisms in between songs were similar to what he talked about the first time around as well but not verbatim. I honestly wish I could be a Garth groupie and follow him everywhere he goes but alas adult responsibilities and a limited budget get in the way of that dream. A girl can wish though.

Now for that unemployment update I promised you or what I like to call my update on being in between jobs. It’s been about a month since I’ve been in between jobs. I had hoped that I would have found THE job by now but these things sometimes take time. I’ve had many friends reach out to me offering to connect me with people they know and to pass on my resume which has been awesome! It is so appreciated! I have had several phone interviews but no in person interviews as of yet. I have also received a handful of thanks but no thanks emails which sucks but I try to see them as one rejection closer to THE job!

I honestly don’t miss going to where I used to work but I do miss the structure of going to a job. I am a routine / structure crazed kind of person I suppose. Despite that, I have been enjoying my time at home and my extra time with B. The only negative side effect of being in between jobs (other than the loss of income of course) is that I haven’t slept well since it happened. Which is frustrating and I’m not sure how to fix it.

I go up to my bedroom when I get tired and as soon as I lay down I am suddenly not tired. My mind has decided that as soon as my heads hits the pillow it needs to digest a bajillion different things and then once it does finally let me go to sleep it is a very restless sleep filled with lots of tossing and turning. This results in me feeling very sleep deprived during the day. I’ve tried taking naps and I can’t fall asleep for those either. I’ve tried exhausting myself with exercise and taking tart cherry juice as a natural sleep aid but neither of those have worked either. Oh how I would love to get a good night’s sleep again.

Other than not sleeping well and making frequent trips to the grocery story (a story for another time), I think I have been handling being in between jobs as best as I can.


Have you been unemployed? Tell me your story!

Any ideas on how I can rectify my sleep issue?

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Lorna Jane Fit Challenge Update: Week 4

This post is sponsored by Lorna Jane through Fit Approach. All opinions are my own. 

Lorna Jane Fit Challenge Update - The Everyday Warrior

I am wrapping up week four of the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge and I have to say it has been a great program so far! You may remember my post here, where I announced I would be starting the challenge. And don’t fret, if you want to join you still can. Click here to join and get all of those great Lorna Jane goodies that come with the program: Clean and Simple Eating Book, 12-Week Move Guide, Active Living Rewards Membership, Inspirational Tank, and the MNB Ultimate Fit Girl Planner.

The challenge is broken up into 3 phases each consisting of 4 weeks worth of workouts. Phase 1 of the program has been concentrating on mobility, agility, upper and lower body and core. Each week of Phase 1 has consisted of 5 days of circuit training and 2 days of outdoor active living. The length of the workouts have been 20-40 minutes depending on what day / week I am on.

Naturally I haven’t given up my running while participating in the Lorna Jane Fit challenge, that would be crazy! I have actually incorporated the challenge into my running schedule. This means that I don’t always follow the program exactly as stated. I may double up on some circuits on certain days to make room for a run on another day. I do what works best for me and my goals and I urge you to do the same!

Are you doing the Lorna Jane Fit Challenge?

I want to hear about your experience!

If not, are you thinking about joining?

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Staying Hydrated Is Easy With Absopure!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Absopure but as always, all opinions are my own.

As a runner I pay special attention to my hydration needs because being adequately hydrated is key to a good run and workout. And as a Mom, I want my family to realize the importance of hydration both in sports and in our everyday lives. So it is no surprise that I am a big proponent of drinking lots and lots of water!

A couple of weeks ago, we received a special delivery from Absopure that will ensure that all of our hydration needs are met!

Absopure Home Delivery - The Everyday Warrior

Are you surprised to see that Abospure offers home delivery options? I was too! It turns out that Absopure offers home delivery services in Michigan, the Greater St. Louis area, Central Illinois and the Greater Toledo Area. Click here to learn more about their home delivery service and to sign up!

Let’s take a look at what we got with our first home delivery shipment!

Absopure Home Delivery Options - The Everyday Warrior

  • 24 pack of 16.9 ounce bottles of Absopure Spring Water
  • 24 pack of 25 ounce Sport Cap bottles of Abospure Spring Water (I love these for running on the treadmill and to have on my nightstand for when I get thirsty at night.)
  • 12 pack of 1 liter sized Cap10 Wild Berries Sparkling Mineral Water (Perfect alternative to pop for all of you pop drinkers.)
  • 48 pack of Packables 6.5 ounce bottles of Spring Water (Ideal size for lunch boxes!)
  • Water Cooler with both hot and cold water functionality as well as 4 – 5 gallon bottles of water (2 Spring Water and 2 Distilled Water) to use with the cooler.

As you can tell by the picture B was very excited about the water delivery. I have to give the delivery guy props for answering all of B’s questions about the water and the cooler as B was going a mile a minute and our delivery person took it all in stride.

We have been thoroughly enjoying our Absopure water! I personally have always been a big water drinker but I feel like our entire family has been drinking more water these last two weeks than before we received our Absopure delivery because it is just so convenient and fun now! The boys love getting their own water from the Absopure cooler and Chris and I love that we have a plethora of portable Absopure options for our runs or wherever else we are headed!

I also guest posted on the Abospure blog by sharing my cold weather running tips! Click HERE to check it out.

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DailyLook Elite Box Review: February 2015

DailyLook ELITE Box Review

You all know that I love me some Stitch Fix, so when I saw a similar box called the DailyLook ELITE box, I took them up on their 3 month free trial (the monthly $20 styling fee is waived for 3 months) to test them out!

How does it work?

It is very very similar to Stitch Fix. In fact, when I was taking the DailyLook ELITE style quiz, I could have sworn that it was exactly like the one I took for Stitch Fix. Upon further investigation, I realized it is slightly different, but not much. Like Stitch Fix there is a styling fee (mine would start after the 3 month trial period) but it is not clear to me if the styling fee is deducted from the cost of any items you keep. With DailyLook Elite you will receive 6-8 items in your monthly box compared to 5 from Stitch Fix. Like Stitch Fix, you keep what you like and send back what you don’t

When I received my DailyLook Elite box I noted that it was much bigger than my Stich Fix boxes. Although that was to be expected since I would be getting more items, but it still made me excited. Included with the clothing was a note from my stylist Scot as well as an itemized list of the pieces and the pricing. I was happy to see that I received items within my budget and I was surprised to see that there were even clearance priced items in the box! Since you can purchase items on DailyLook without subscribing to their ELITE box, they have the ability to have sales and such unlike Stitch Fix, so that could be a plus.

Let’s take a look at what was in the box!

Item #1: Sheer Checkered Top

DailyLook Sheer Checkered Top

When I first saw the top I was intrigued by it as it is very different. It did look a bit boxy but I tried to keep an open mind. As it turned out I couldn’t even put it on, it was far too small (even though I entered the same sizes as I get through Stitch Fix) and the material didn’t have any stretch to it to even attempt it.

Status: Returned

Item #2: Glamorous Polka Dot Circle Skirt

DailyLook Polka Dot Circle Skirt

I thought this skirt was very cute although I typically prefer more form-fitting skirts and dresses as the flared look isn’t very flattering on me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even test out how it would look as like the checkered top, this skirt was way too small.

Status: Returned

Items #3: Tribal Utility Knit Jacket

DailyLook Sheer Tribal Utility Knit Jacket

Finally something that I can put on! Sadly this jacket was just not my style and I thought the quality of it was sub par.

Status: Returned

Item #4: Plunging Fit and Flare Dress

DailyLook Sheer Plunging Fit and Flare Dress

This dress is actually very cute although the neckline is far too plunging for my tastes and the dress itself was far too short as well. It did look cute on but it was a bit snug and I really do not have anywhere to wear it to. Plus I didn’t like the feel of the fabric.

Status: Returned

Item #5: Pleated Fit and Flare Dress

DailyLook Sheer Pleated Fit and Flare Dress

This dress was ok. As with the previous dress it was a bit too small as well and the fabric was uncomfortable.

Status: Returned

Item #6: Pleated A-Line Midi Dress

DailyLook Pleated A-Line Midi Dress

I love the color of the dress but the rest of it is just not me. It is too much dress for my petite frame plus I couldn’t even get it on to try it out. Another item far too small.

Status: Returned

Item #7: Hudgen Fit and Flare Dress

DailyLook Hudgen Fit and Flare Dress

The teal color of this dress is very pretty but it was too small and the neckline is far too low.

Status: Returned

Item #8: Bed Ready Blouse

DailyLook Bed Ready Blouse

Funny name for a shirt eh? The shirt fits but it is just blah looking. I didn’t even bother with taking a picture with it on.

Status: Returned

Overall my first Daily Look Elite box was a miss. Some of it was due to sizing issues but a lot of it was due to a lack of quality and blah pieces. I am going to give it another try next month as I am still in my trial period. I’ve adjusted my sizing so that hopefully more items will fit next month and I have left feedback for my stylist that will hopefully result in a box that is more me. Stay tuned!

Have you tried DailyLook’s ELITE box? What did you think?

What subscription boxes do you subscribe to? 

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BangBandsbyLinny Review

Disclosure: I received something of value for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

BangBandsbyLinny Review

You all know how much I like it when I can merge fitness and fashion together so I was excited to have the opportunity to review BangBandsbyLinny!

BangBandsbyLinny was created by Lindsay who was frustrated by the other active wear headbands out there that just didn’t live up to her expectations. She set out to create a headband that would fit her head, not move during her workouts (she is an avid cross-fitter) and look cute. She makes all of her headbands from scratch using local fabric and lots of love.

The hardest part of reviewing BangBandsbyLinny was picking just one! She has so many cute styles and I wanted one of each. I eventually decided on a fun Wonderwoman / Batgirl print so I could workout like a superhero!


Like Lindsay, I too have a difficult time with those other headbands. More often than not I feel like they are squeezing my head so they are too uncomfortable to wear no matter how cute they look. This was not the case with Lindsay’s headbands. I am not sure how she did it but there is no squeezing sensation when I wear her headband! Not only did it not squeeze my head but it also worked great at keeping my hair out of my face while I worked out!

Want to get a BangBandsbyLinny for yourself? Click HERE to head over to her Etsy shop. You can use code EVERYDAYWARRIOR to snag yourself free shipping. You can also connect with Lindsay on her Facebook page too!

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Garth Brooks World Tour Review: Detroit

Garth Brooks World Tour Review

You guys!!! The Garth concert in Detroit this past weekend was AMAZING! This was my third time seeing Garth (I saw him once in Nashville and once in Vegas) so I knew that it was going to be great but his Detroit show managed to surpass all of my expectations!

Chris ended up going with me to the concert because my friend was sick. (I’m a super fan so I would have to be dying in order to miss Garth. lol)  Chris is not a country fan so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but I am happy to say that he definitely made the best of it and at the end of the night he readily admitted that although he doesn’t like country music he found Garth to be a great entertainer! That’s a win for me!

Prior to the show we had dinner at the new Detroit HopCat. You can read more about that on my other blog HERE. After dinner we drove to the Hockey Town Cafe where I had reserved us a parking spot in one of the parking lots near the Cafe and the Fox Theatre. Olympia Entertainment was offering a free shuttle from Hockey Town Cafe to the Joe Louis Arena where the concert was being held and I had decided that that would be our best option. Turned out I made a great decision as we got back to the Hockey Town Cafe relatively quickly after the concert ended and didn’t have to fight any traffic whereas those that parked down by the Joe were stuck in the parking garages for well over an hour.

We got to the Joe with a lot of time to spare before the concert started. For this concert (yes I am going next week too) I had lower bowl tickets which required me to swipe my credit card that I used to purchase the tickets to gain entry. All of that went very smooth. Before finding our seats I purchased my mandatory Garth Brooks concert t-shirt to add to my growing collection.

Garth Brooks Detroit

And our seats? Our seats were AWESOME! We were in section 109 row 12 seats 5 and 6, in case you were wondering. (Not the closest I’ve been though. In Vegas I was in row 2! Row 2 people.) They gave us a great view for the entire show. Although the Joe is relatively small so I don’t think that there could be any bad seats there. Plus at a Garth concert there is no such thing as a bad seat in my opinion. I mean if you are at a Garth concert, that in itself is awesome.

Karyn Rochelle was the opening act for the Garth concert. If memory serves me correctly, she opened for Garth in Nashville too. She has a great voice and although I wasn’t familiar with her songs, I enjoyed them. I actually ended up purchasing a couple of them on iTunes when I got home. Karyn also happens to be one of Garth’s back up singers so we saw her for the rest of the night after she performed.

Karyn Rochelle

Garth came on right after Karyn. He played a few of his newer songs but mostly played his old stuff because let’s face it, that is what everyone was there to hear! When he played his newer songs, the jumbotron had the words displayed on it so we could still sing along. If you have ever been to a Garth concert you know that the crowd sings along to every single song.

Garth Brooks in Detroit  - The Everyday Warrior

About halfway through Garth’s set, Trisha came on to sing In Anothers Eyes with Garth and then she sang a few of her own songs. They are always great together!

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood in Detroit - The Everyday Warrior

Garth ended the show with The Dance, a song that means a lot to me.

He then came back out for several encores! I was surprise how much longer he stayed out after the concert “ended”. Not sure if he would be able to do that the next day where he had a show both at 7pm and 10:30pm as we were the only show he had on Friday night. I would like to think that we saw the better of the 3 shows that weekend. ;)

Garth Brooks in the D - The Everyday Warrior

As Chris mentioned Garth is a great entertainer. His energy was high the entire concert and the banter in between songs was enjoyable. But even better than his great music and entertaining personality, Garth is very gracious and made every single person there feel like they were important and appreciated for coming to his concert. He has this way of pointing into the crowd where he somehow manages to connect with every single person in every single section. His humbleness and appreciative disposition certainly sets him apart from a lot of other singers out there that are all about themselves.

Garth Brooks wearing Tigers Jersey - The Everyday Warrior

Garth Brooks wearing Tigers Jersey 2 - The Everyday Warrior

If you ever have a chance to see Garth in concert I highly recommend that you do! I will be seeing him next weekend in Detroit because well why not?! And I can not wait!

Have you ever seen Garth in concert?

What was your favorite concert that you have been to?


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ReThink Your Sports Drink: BODYARMOR Review

This post was sponsored by BODYARMOR but as always, all opinions are my own. 

BODYARMOR Super Drink Review (1)

I’m ashamed to admit that until I received my BODYARMOR samples I was using those other sports drinks to recover from my runs and workouts. I knew that they weren’t the best choice for my recovery but I hadn’t found anything else that I liked. And it is not that I didn’t try other options, I did. I just didn’t like the taste of them and I am not one to consume something that I don’t enjoy.

So my first test with my BODYARMOR samples was in fact, taste. If they didn’t taste good, it would be irrelevant to me as to what else BODYAMOR had to offer me in terms of recovery.

As far as flavors go, BODYARMOR comes in 6 different flavors including Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Strawberry Banana, Tropical Punch, Grape and Mixed Berry so there is bound to be a flavor for everyone! My favorite flavors turned out to be Grape and Fruit Punch. So yes, BODYARMOR did indeed past my taste test. With flying colors even. I actually found BODYARMOR to be more flavorful than the other sports drinks I was using.

BODYARMOR Flavors (3)

The second test that I subjected BODYARMOR to was the ingredient test. We all want to know what it is that we are putting into our bodies right? BODYARMOR is full of electrolytes, vitamins, coconut water and natural flavors, colors and sweeteners. Their ingredients alone make them superior to the other sports drinks that are out there PLUS they even taste better. It is a win / win.

The third test that I am subjecting BODYARMOR to is recovery. Will BODYARMOR help me recover better and quicker after my workouts compared to the other sports drinks I was using? I can’t answer that quite yet, as I haven’t had BODYARMOR long enough to decide that but I can say that it seems to be going well so far.

So are you ready to upgrade your sports drink? If you are in the Metro Detroit area, you can find BODYARMOR at Meijer and Target. Click here for a coupon to save $1.00 off of a 2 bottle purchase of BODYARMOR. If you are not local to me, click here to find out where you can purchase BODYARMOR near you.

For additional information on BODYARMOR click here to go to their website. You can also connect with them on their social media channels as well: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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He Would Have Been 55


Today my Dad would have been 55.

Instead, it has been over 20 years since I’ve seen him.

It always amazes me that after all these years, the pain of not having my Dad around is just as strong as the day that it happened. They say time heals all wounds but I am not sure if that is entirely true because some wounds can just not be healed. Time does help the wound not feel as fresh and time helps you to find ways to cope, but the wound definitely does not completely heal.

And while not having my Dad around is certainly sad for me, I am actually more sad for my son’s sake. B never got to meet my Dad….his Grandpa.

Recently, B has taken an interest in learning more about his family and thus asks about his Grandpa often. Death is a hard topic to broach with a 7 year old but I try to be as honest as possible while still being age appropriate. And while his questions are sometimes difficult to answer for a myriad of reasons, I appreciate his interest in learning about who he is and where he comes from.

I like that he wants to talk about his Grandpa and learn all about him. I like that he tells me that he loves his Grandpa and misses him even though they never met. I love that he likes to look at old pictures with me and tell me that he wishes he could have met his Grandpa.

I wish they could have met too….I think that they would have been good buddies.

So this year, for my son’s sake, we are doing something different to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. We are making a cake, putting up some decorations and even blowing out some candles. It is what B wants to do. We are going to celebrate the life that my Dad did have, albeit it one far too short.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow the celebration continues as I get the pleasure of going to a Garth Brooks concert. Most of you already know that I am one of Garth’s biggest fans and that is owed all to my Dad. I grew up on Garth’s music and just about every one of Garth’s songs has a memory of my Dad tied to it.

Music has a way of taking you back to a special place and time and Garth’s music takes me back to a much simpler and carefree time. It is no coincidence that my Dad’s birthday lined up so perfectly with a Garth concert. The universe has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need when you need it. (I’m also going to see Garth again next weekend because he is here two weekends in a row. I couldn’t resist!)

So if you happen to be a country music fan, put on some Garth music today in memory of my Dad.

The Dance Garth Brooks

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