Absopure Run Woodstock Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Absopure. All opinions are my own

Absopure and The Everyday Warrior's Run WoodStock Giveaway

Have you ever taken a look at my Races I Want to Run Page? No? Ok click here and go look. I’ll wait.

That’s a great list of races, right? Did you notice a race called Run Woodstock on my list? That is a Running Fit race that is not just any old race but a whole weekend filled with races! They offer everything from a 5k to a 100 mile race plus everything in between. If you can’t find a race distance at Run Woodstock that interests you then you must not be a runner. For more information on the Run Woodstock three days of peace, music and running click here.

Check out the medal!

Check out the medal!

This race has been on my list for quite some time so imagine my excitement when Absopure reached out to me with two free race entries! I mean we all know that Absopure is the official water sponsor of all Running Fit races but I just didn’t expect to get hooked up with Run Woodstock race entries. It goes without saying but Absopure rocks!

Sadly I am not able to work Run Woodstock into my schedule this year. There is always next year right? Lucky for you, my loss is your gain!

I am giving away the two Run Woodstock race entries to two of you on behalf of Absopure. The race entries are valid for any of their races up to the marathon distance. Please keep in mind that the Run Woodstock race weekend is September 11-13, so only enter if you are available that weekend. Registration for Run Woodstock closes on September 9th at 12 noon so if you are one of the winners make sure you register before then. To enter the giveaway, use the widget below. Good luck and happy running!

Absopure Run Woodstock Giveaway

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Golden Tote Review #6: August 2015

Golden Tote Review - August 2015 (1)

Finally, it is time for my August Golden Tote review! As an added bonus, I will also be revealing my warehouse purchases since in true Goldie fashion I pulled a bit of an oioi this month by participating both in the warehouse sale and in Tote day. What can I say, I just love me some Golden Tote!

Not familiar with Golden Tote? Golden Tote is similar to Stitch Fix but a little different. Golden Tote is a fashion service but you do not automatically receive a Tote each month. (And yes the items actually do arrive in a Tote!) Instead, Totes go on sale the first Monday of the month (the day has been different lately) on the Golden Tote website. You can choose between either a small Tote for $49 which contains 2-3 items (you pick 1 of the items yourself) or a large Tote for $149 which contains 5-6 items (you pick 2 of the items yourself).

Like Stitch Fix you fill out your style profile on Golden Tote and that style profile will help your stylist select the surprise items that they send in your Tote! Once you receive your Tote you can either keep everything or send everything back. There is no picking and choosing!

Golden Tote also has a boutique so you can purchase items separately as well and there is discounted pricing for adding items on to your Tote order. Oh one more thing! The clothing available for the Totes typically changes every month. And since there is a limited supply, getting a Tote with your preferred item(s) feels pretty similar to signing up for a Disney race. At least in my opinion!

So without further ado let’s start with my Tote items!

Golden Tote Review August 2015

Item #1: Layer it on Blouse

Layer it on Blouse - Golden Tote

I almost got away without ordering a Tote this month, until I saw the Layer it on Blouse that is. For some reason, I was just drawn to it and couldn’t get it out of my head. I was a bit apprehensive that it would be too big for me since it didn’t come in extra small but I decided to take the chance and get it anyways.

Golden Tote Layer it on Blouse

And I am SO glad that I did! I love everything about this top. It’s a bit edgy with a side of sass in my opinion and that fits me perfectly.

Love the sheerness of the back.

Love the sheerness of the back.

I am so in love with this top, I am actually hoping to buy it in the navy color if another Goldie decides to sell hers since the top is currently sold out on the Golden Tote site. Please, pretty please someone sell me their navy size small Layer it on Blouse. :)

Item #2: Down to Business Blazer

Down to Business Blazer - Golden Tote

This was my other chosen for the month and I am really happy that I was able to snag it in the dusty pink color. Quite a few Goldies felt that the blazer ran small but I didn’t have any issues with the sizing.

Golden Tote Down to Business Blazer

I know that I will get a lot of use out of this blazer both at work and in my non-work life since it looks just as good dressed up as it does with a pair of jeans.

Item #3: Sugar Lips Striped Dress with Crochet Overlay

Sugar Lips Striped Dress with Crochet Overlay - Golden Tote

This was my first surprise item of the Tote and on paper you would think that I would love this dress because it has a lot of attributes that I normally love in clothes. Normally I love dresses, I love blue and I love fun detailing.

Golden Tote Sugar Lips Striped Dress with Crochet Overlay

But for some reason this dress is just a like for me and not a love. I can’t quite figure out why I feel that way about it but it is what it is. I plan to sell this in the Golden Tote Trading Group.

Item #4: Dahlya Drawstring Shorts

Dahlya Drawstring Shorts - Golden Tote

In my style profile I noted that I wanted some shorts so I was excited to see that I was sent a pair. The color is not something that I would typically pick for myself and I am not sure how I feel about them because of the color.

Golden Tote - Dahlya Drawstring Shorts

Outside of the color the shorts are just fine. Although a bit more snug than necessary thanks to all of the junk in my trunk. I am on the fence about keeping them though as I am not sure if I will reach for them often because I am not very fond of the color. We’ll see.

Item #5: Pink Note V-neck Tank

Pink Note V-neck Tank - Golden Tote

I saw a lot of reveals in July with this tank and I have to admit that I was a bit jealous of those that got it because I really liked it. Now I have one that is all mine and I couldn’t be happier!

Golden Tote - Pink Note V-neck Tank

Item #6: Collective Concepts Watercolor Blouse with Lace

Collective Concepts Watercolor Blouse with Lace - Golden Tote

I always have at least one item in each Tote that Chris gives me a weird look about and in this Tote this top was that item. I don’t know why Chris doesn’t like it because I do.

Golden Tote - Collective Concepts Watercolor Blouse with Lace

It is a fun pattern and color, the flutter sleeves are cute, the lace detailing is great and it is a perfect shirt for work. Luckily for the shirt, I dress for me and not for him (most of the time anyways) so the shirt will be taking up residence in my closet.

That wraps up my Tote reveal! I am really happy with my Tote this month. I like a majority of the items and I am especially in love with my chosen items, so great job to DL who styled my Tote for me, you rock!

Ready for my warehouse sale reveal?

Item #1: Perfect Spring Tank

Perfect Spring Tank - Golden Tote

The white version of this tank has been on my must buy list for quite some time so I finally snagged it up during the warehouse sale. I don’t know what took me so long because this tank is perfect!

Golden Tote Perfect Spring Tank

I love the detailing, it fits great and it is oh so soft. I almost want to get it in the other colors that it comes in but do I really want to get into the habit of buying multiples of the same item in different colors just because I love it? I’m not sure, but I can’t say I would be able to turn down a Goldie that had a size small in one of the other colors because the shirt is just that great. Hint, hint to all my fellow Goldies out there. ;)

Item #2: Belted Gingham Dress

Belted Gingham Dress - Golden Tote

While doing my prep work for the warehouse sale (yes, this means I stalked the website and made my shopping list before hand) I kept being drawn back to this dress.

Golden Tote  Belted Gingham Dress

I am so glad I got the dress. It is very cute and flattering and it satisfies my country side. I am actually wearing it to work today with my cowboy boots because we are allowed to dress in our country best thanks to Kenny Chesney who is playing at Ford Field this weekend. Sadly I will not be at the concert but I am grateful for any reason I get to show off my country side at work. Keep any eye on my Instagram for more pictures!

Item #3 Jules Smith Criss Cross Earrings

There was a bit of a mix up with the earrings that I ordered. I ordered the Criss Cross earring seen here.


But instead I received the Fringe Party earrings.

Fringe Party Earrings

I’ve already reached out to customer service to see what can be done about the mix up. I do actually love the fringe party earrings and I had been eyeing them as a possible purchase but I had a feeling that they would be too heavy for my preference. (I blame that on getting my ears pierced at such a young age.) And I was right.

I am confident that Golden Tote will find a way to make it right.

Item #4: Sunglasses

Golden Tote Sunglasses

Because I met the purchase threshold for the warehouse sale, I received a free gift with my order! Who doesn’t like free gifts?! Unfortunately they are not really my style but I am definitely not complaining because again….free. gift.

I am definitely very satisfied with my warehouse order and I will be even more satisfied once I am able to get the correct earrings. The only thing that I am disappointed about is that since I did not meet the threshold for the free shipping I ended up paying $10 for the shipping of the warehouse items. And while I am not upset that I paid the $10, I am upset that when I ordered my August Tote the week after the warehouse sale (which qualified for free shipping mind you), my warehouse purchases were lumped together with my Tote purchases. Not only did that mean it took a long time for my warehouse purchases to arrive but I also made me feel like I get ripped off paying for the shipping. I am ceratinly not upset enough about it to stop using Golden Tote but it was just something I wanted to mention.

Overall I am still very happy with my Golden Tote experience and the items I got this month.

Want to get a Tote for yourself? Click here to use my referral link to sign up!

Want to see my other Golden Tote Reviews? Click on the links below.

Golden Tote #1 March 2015

Golden Tote #2: April 2015

Golden Tote #3: May 2015

Golden Tote #4: June 2015

Golden Tote #5: July 2015

Have you tried Golden Tote? What do you think of it?

What do you think of the items I got in my Tote?

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Absopure Red Carpet Run Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Absopure. All opinions are my own.

Absopure and The Everyday Warrior's Red Carpet Run Giveaway

Remember this post I wrote a short time ago about my partnership with Absopure and all the great ways this would benefit you (and me)? Well this post is all for you!

As you know, Absopure is the official water sponsor of all Running Fit races and thanks to Absopure I have two race entries for the Running Fit Red Carpet 5k and I am giving them away to two of you!

The Red Carpet 5k takes place on Belle Isle on the night of Friday, August 28th. It dubs itself as a glam party run / walk. You are encouraged to dress up in your finest red carpet attire as the paparazzi will be out in full force, plus there will be prizes for the best dressed participants. After you cross the finish line there will be an after party with music, champagne, snacks and of course Absopure water!

Think you have what it takes to rock the Red Carpet Run thanks to Absopure? Just enter my giveaway by using the widget below. Good luck!

Absopure Red Carpet Run Giveaway

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Fit Snack Box Review: July 2015

Fit Snack Box Review- July 2015 - The Everyday Warrior

It’s that time of the month again. Not not that time….it is time to review my latest Fit Snack Box! I received the Fit Snack Box for free in exchange for my honest review.

Never heard of Fit Snack? Fit Snack is a monthly subscription box that contains 7-10 different food items that taste good and are good for you! Each item in the box always possesses two or more of the following characteristics: GMO Free, high in protein, low in sugar, gluten-free, organic, raw, vegan and all natural. The box also contains bonus items, exclusive workouts and sometimes even workout gear!

Sounds great, right? And the best part is that the box is affordable! Depending on what type of subscription you sign up for (they offer monthly, 3 month, 6 month and yearly plans) the box costs between $15-$19 plus $5 for shipping and handling. Click here to sign up for Fit Snack using my referral link and you will get a free gift! You will also want to keep an eye on their contest page by clicking here as they often have giveaways going on. If there isn’t one there right now, I can ensure you that there will be one soon!

Now let’s take a look at all the tasty items that came in the July box!

Yummari Endurance Bites

Yummari Endurance Bites - Fit Snack Box

Yummari snacks are inspired by the Rarámuri people from the Copper Canyon of Mexico. They are tribe of endurance runners that rely on indigenous foods to fuel their runs. Pretty awesome right?

I received the chocolate banana version of the endurance bites which Chris quickly claimed as his own. I thought that the Fit Snack Box was all mine but I’ve quickly learned that if I don’t hide it before everyone else finds out, they will swoop in like vultures and steal the things that they want. lol

Columbia County Flax Granola

Columbia County Flax Granola

This granola was developed by NY Times bestselling author Lyn Genet who wrote the book The Plan. It is made from flax seeds, molasses and spices. I am a big fan of granola and I can’t wait to try it!

Skinny Pop Popcorn

Skinny Pop Popcorn

Who doesn’t like popcorn? Especially Skinny Pop Popcorn? So tasty!

Justin’s Nut Butter

Justin's Nut Butter

I’m familiar with Justin’s Nut Butter already so although it wasn’t new to me, I was still excited to get it. Yum!

Honey Stinger Energy Chews

Honey Stinger Energy Chews

I love Honey Stinger Chews! I will be adding these to my running snack stash to use on one of my next long runs.

Level Life Protein Bars

Level Life Protein Bars

I LOVE these bars. I’ve had them before so I was super excited to see them in this month’s box. I am hiding them so I don’t have to share. Shhhhhh. lol

Trophy Nut Roasted Peanuts

Trophy Nut Roasted Peanuts

This will be  great snack for work. Nuts are tasty and satisfying. I am already looking forward to my next work day!

Musclewerks Detrim Capsules

Musclewerks Detrim Capsules

I am not a big supplement person so odds are I will not use these. I will have to find someone to pass them along to.

And that my friends, was the July Fit Snack Box! Despite not getting many new-to-me items, I still thought it was a great box because I will use a majority of the items and they are all so tasty.

Ready to try some new snacks and get a Fit Snack box for yourself? Click here to use my referral link to sign up for the Fit Snack box and get a free gym bag!

The July Fit Snack Box was a win for me. How about you?

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Golden Tote Facebook Group Trades & Purchases

While I patiently wait for my Golden Tote warehouse purchase and August Tote to arrive, I thought it would be fun to do a reveal of the trades and purchases that I have made through the Golden Tote Facebook Trading Group.

I love the trading group btw. Love, love, love it! It has proven to be a great way for me to sell or trade the items I have received through Golden Tote that did not work for me. I have also used it to buy a couple of things that I was in search of and even items I didn’t know that I was in search of….lol.

Let’s take a look at the pieces I got from other Goldies!

First up is this Feminine Lace Dress that was a chosen item a couple of months back. Initially this dress didn’t capture my attention but all of that changed I once I saw all the Goldies posting their reveal pictures. Funny how once you see something on a real person you change your mind about how you feel about it.

Feminine Lace Dress Golden Tote

I love all of the detailing on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. It speaks to my girly side.

I personally prefer it belted but it looks good unbelted too. I love that I can wear it with a pair of heels or my cowgirl boots depending on my mood.

Golden Tote Feminine Lace Dress

Feminine Lace Dress

The next item I recently received from the group is this black pencil skirt.

Esley Pencil Skirt - Golden Tote

I don’t know the official Golden Tote name for the skirt but the brand name is Esley. I had been in search of a black pencil skirt for work so when I came across this one for sale in the Facebook group, I scooped it up.

I love the detailing at the bottom of the skirt. I am a sucker for the details if you haven’t already noticed.

Golden Tote - Esley Pencil Skrt

The last item is the best of the three in my opinion. Again, I do not know the official Golden Tote name of it but the brand is Under Skies. I initially saw someone post this dress for sale in a size that didn’t work for me but once I expressed interest in the dress in a different size another Goldie reached out to me willing to sell hers!

Under Skies Dress Golden Tote

The dress is a tad too big for me in the top but because of the halter style ties, I can still make it work.

What attracted me to this dress was that I had nothing like it in my closet and it just seemed so unique and interesting, I had to have it. Fortunately, I love it even more in person although Chris thinks it is weird. lol Men just don’t get our fashion sense sometimes.

I am sure I will make many more trades or purchases through the Golden Tote group and as I do I will be sure to share them with all of you!

Thinking about trying out Golden Tote? Show me some love by clicking here to use my referral link.

Are you waiting on a warehouse or Tote purchase to arrive?

Have you used the Golden Tote Facebook Group to do any trading or buying?


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Women Run the D Blog Ambassador!

Detroit Women's Half Marathon and 5k

I have some exciting news to share with you all! I have been selected to be a Women Run the D Blog Ambassador for The American Home Fitness Detroit Women’s Half Marathon and 5k.

Not familiar with the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon and 5k? It is a race created by women for women (but men can participate too, of course) that takes place on September 20th on Belle Isle. Participants of both races will receive an amazing finishers medal, a super soft race shirt, a goodie bag of items from sponsors, great post race food and race chip timing.

Another great perk of this race and one that I think all races should offer is free race photos!  I can’t express how much I LOVE this. Race photos can be very expensive and I often don’t purchase them because I can’t rationalize the cost but that won’t be an issue at this race because I will get all my photos for FREE!

I’ve decided to run the half marathon because….. well why not?! As you can see from the course map below, I will be looping Belle Isle 2.25 times to get all 13.1 miles in. I have also included the 5k map below as well, if that distance is more of an interest to you.

Women Run the D Half Course

Women Run the D 5k Course

The expo for the race is on September 19th at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center from 10am-4pm. The expo will have various running vendors as well as an opportunity to participate in Paint and Pour, get your hair braided or nail polish changed and much more! I will be at the Women Run the D Blogger Ambassador booth so make sure you stop in and say hi!

In addition to the expo, the race also offers a pre-race pasta dinner and Pajama Party Yoga!

To get more information on the race and to sign up for either the 5k or the half marathon, click here. Use code Warriorunsthed to save 10% off your registration or starting on the 18th you can take advantage of this special registration offer (which can not be used in conjunction with the 10% off code).

Stop by any American Home Fitness store between Tuesday, August 18 and Sunday, August 23 to save $$$ on your registration. Plus you’ll receive a free Goddess Racing Hoo-Rag (a $10 value) or a pair of Brooks Running neon shoelaces (while supplies last)!

Already registered? Stop by and mention the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon & 5K and you’ll receive a free gift, too (while supplies last).

EVERYONE who registers for or mentions the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon & 5K will be entered in a grand-prize raffle, with the chance to win a Polar FT60 watch from American Home Fitness or a pair of running shoes (valued up to $120) from Brooks Running and Hanson’s Running Shop. One winner from every American Home Fitness store will receive a Detroit Women’s Half Marathon & 5K package, which includes a signature race hat and water bottle.

American Home Fitness Locations – Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Novi, Sterling Heights, Okemos, Toledo and Battle Creek

I hope to see you at the race so we can run the D together!

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The Legend Recap

This post is sponsored by Absopure. All opinions are my own. 


This past weekend I ran The Legend half marathon and completed the Running Fit Serious Series!

This was my first time running The Legend and like all other Running Fit races I have participated in, this one did not disappoint.

The Legend takes place in Sleepy Hollow State Park just north of Lansing making it a bit of a drive for Chris and I. Luckily packet pick-up for all Running Fit races (at least the ones I have done) is always super quick which eliminates a big chunk of time I often factor into my pre-race schedule. The Running Fit races are also very organized and a ton of fun so if you haven’t run one yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Here's the race shirt! I love the front and the back.

Here’s the race shirt! I love the front and the back.

Before the race started Chris and I lined up near the back of the pack as neither of us had really been training consistently. Runners were released in waves and we ended up being at the front of our wave so for a moment in time we felt like front of the pack elite runners. lol

Once we crossed the start line we went down the grassy hill, through the parking lot and into the campgrounds. Some of the campers were out and about so we got to have a bit of a “crowd” which is unusual for trail races. Once we left the campground we headed into the woods which were beautiful and refreshing!

My favorite thing about trail racing is being out in nature. I may live in the city but I am still a country girl at heart. Trail running makes my soul happy and I feel more alive on the trails than I do during road races. Don’t get me wrong, I do like road racing because I love running, but given a choice I would choose a trail race every time.

The trails for The Legend were mostly single track trails although most areas had plenty of space to pass if you wanted to. The trail was mostly in the woods although there were times that it went into field like areas. The field areas were not my favorite as it was a hot day and being unprotected from the sun made it feel extra hot.

The only picture I have of the race itself. Chris normally takes pics during races but we had a mishap with the camera.

The only picture I have of the race itself. Chris normally takes pics during races but we had a mishap with the camera.

Luckily there were plenty of aid stations on the course that had my favorite Absopure water to stay hydrated as well as ice, Gatorade and Gu. The volunteers at the aid stations were all incredible as always. They were nice enough to top off my water bottle with ice and Absopure so staying hydrated was never an issue for me.

Although I was excellently hydrated that didn’t change the fact that I hadn’t really been training for this race. My longest run before the race was 3 miles…..shame on me, I know. When will I ever learn?? Despite my lack of training I actually felt pretty good for the first 7 miles. I was on pace to finish around the 2 hour 30 minute mark which I was pretty happy with. Unfortunately the wheels started to fall off around mile 8 and by mile 10 I just wanted it to be over. At that point I had nothing left and it was just sheer determination pushing me to the finish line. Well determination and the fact that the only way I could be done was to keep going.

I ended up finishing in 2:43:18. Not my best time. But I finished, had fun and didn’t die which are always my main goals.

I also collected two medals and a mug. One medal for running The Legend and the other medal and mug for finishing the Serious Series. It was a good day!

Serious Serious Medal and Mug

Did you run a race this past weekend? I want to hear about it?

Didn’t race? Tell me what you did!

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Stitch Fix Review #13: August 2015

Stitch Fix Review August 2015 - The Everyday Warrior

Fix #13 is here! Will it turn out to be an unlucky fix or will it be amazing?! You will have to read on to find out!

In case you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, let me bring you up to speed. Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription service (although you don’t have to get one every month, you pick how often) that sends you clothes and accessories based on a style profile that you fill out. You can keep what you like and send back what you don’t. There is a $20 styling fee but if you keep any of the items, the $20 fee is deducted from the total purchase price of the item(s) you keep. If you keep all 5 of the items from your fix you receive a 25% discount on EVERYTHING. Basically it is like playing dress up as an adult…..and it is both fun and addicting! To sign up to get a fix of your own, click here to use my referral link!

Every month you can also leave a note for your stylist. So if you have an event that you need some clothes for or if you just have an idea of what kind of pieces you want to add to your wardrobe you can pass that information along!

I don’t usually have a ton of requests for my stylist Diana but this month was an exception. I asked for this textured skirt that I saw on Stitch Fix’s Pinterest or a different pencil skirt  as well as this necklace. I also mentioned that I would love a peplum top. Did she fulfill my requests? Let’s find out!

Item #1: Zad Maureen Beaded Colorblock Necklace

Zad Maureen Beaded Colorblock Necklace - Stitch Fix

It appears that Diana wasn’t able to get me the necklace that I requested so she sent one that was similar. I like everything about it except the gold. If the gold areas had been silver instead, it would have been a keeper! Sadly I don’t wear a lot of gold, so I know that I wouldn’t wear it often.

Cost to Keep: $28.00

Status: Returned

Item #2: Skies are Blue Karla Textured Short

Skies are Blue Karla Textured Short - Stitch Fix

As you may have read in the note that I received from Diana, she was not able to get me the textured skirt that I requested so she sent me these textured shorts instead. Initially I thought that I would really like them until I discovered that the textured detailing did not continue around to the back side of the shorts. That was disappointing. They also seemed a tad too big.

Cost to Keep: $44.00

Status: Returned

Item #3: Pixley Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt

Pixley Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt - Stitch Fix

This skirt is cute and it fits fine as long as it is at my natural waist. I assume that is how it is supposed to fit?

Stitch Fix - Pixley Hanneli Polka Dot Swing Skirt

Unfortunately, it just really isn’t my style and I know I wouldn’t wear it often.

Cost to Keep: $54.00

Status: Returned

Item #4: 41Hawthorn 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse

41Hawthorn 34 Sleeve Popover Blouse - Stitch Fix

I actually already have this blouse but in a different color and with a print. I doesn’t get much use only because it is a size too big now.

Initially I didn’t think much about this shirt when I paired it with the Pixley skirt as Diana suggested but I liked it when I paired it with a pair of my dress pants as it is a great look for work.

Stitch Fix - 41Hawthorn 34 Sleeve Popover Blouse

Unfortunately I just couldn’t rationalize spending $58.00 on a basic white top. Especially since I knew that I wouldn’t be getting the 25% off since I already knew I wasn’t keeping all 5 items.

Item #5: Collective Concepts Junson Crew Neck Blouse

Collective Concepts Junson Crew Neck Blouse - Stitch Fix

Yay! I finally got my first petite item! This is a peplum style blouse just like I requested and I LOVE it! The coloring and print is great. The zipper detail on the back is cute.

I initially styled it with a pair of jeans I received in an earlier fix and while I liked the look, I think Diana was spot on with her recommendation of pairing it with the white skinnies from last month’s fix.

Collective Concepts Junson Crew Neck Blouse - Stitch Fix - August 2015

I could also see myself wearing this top with a pencil skirt for work.

This blouse has a lot of versatility and since it is the only item I am keeping from this fix, I figured I could justify its larger than expected price tag.

Cost to Keep: $68.00

Status: Kept!

So I guess overall fix #13 was a bit of a dud. Although the Junson blouse is so amazingly fabulous I don’t feel too bad about it.

In other Stitch Fix news, did you hear that they are going to start offering shoes??? I found out about it through the Stitch Fix Buy Sell Trade group on Facebook which prompted me to immediately go to my profile to see for myself.

Stitch Fix Shoes

Evidently they are not rolling out the option to everyone quite yet so I feel pretty fortunate that I get to partake in the first roll out. As you can see from my style profile it asks for your shoe size, how much you prefer to pay for shoes and what type of shoes they should avoid sending you. I am crossing my fingers that I will get a pair of shoes in next month’s box!

Ready to get your own fix? Click HERE to sign up for Stitch Fix through my referral link. It makes me happy when you do!

Want to see my past fixes? Click on the links below.

Stitch Fix #1: August 2014

Stitch Fix #2: September 2014

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Stitch Fix #4: November 2014

Stitch Fix #5 December 2014

Stitch Fix #6: January 2015

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Stitch Fix #9: April 2015

Stitch Fix #10: May 2015

Stitch Fix #11: June 2015

Stitch Fix #12: July 2015

What did you think of my fix this month?

What would you have kept?

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Golden Tote: August Preview

One of my favorite days of the month is almost upon us…..Golden Tote Tote day! It is Monday the 3rd if you don’t already have your calendar marked like I do.

I’ve never done a preview post before but I thought it would be fun. Not to mention I think I am bordering on having a Golden Tote addiction so why not feed the addiction?!

I’m sure you have already seen the chosen items for August on the Golden Tote Tumblr (if not click here) so I am not going to re-post them. Instead I am just going to let you in on what I am eyeing and you can do the same!

I was really trying to convince myself that I would only be getting a small Tote this month (I did partake in their Summer Warehouse Sale after all) but the two items I am most interested in are in the Large Tote.

The first item I am lusting over is this Down to Business Blazer!

Down to Business Blazer

I love the pink color, the gathered 3/4 sleeves and the shrunken look of it. It would be a great work item for me!

The only downside for me about the blazer is that it doesn’t come in extra-small. For the most part I am an extra-small in Golden Tote clothing, although I can make some small sizes works as well. I am hoping that the small will not be too big. Fingers crossed!

The next item that I am loving this month is this Layer it on Blouse.

Layer it on Blouse

Again this top doesn’t come in extra small either but I am willing to take the risk as I love everything about this top. It has an edginess to it that I feel my wardrobe is lacking.

And now on to the accessories! The only piece of jewelry that I am interested in is the All Linked Up Bracelet.

All Linked Up Bracelet

I am also pinning for these shoes! The Floral High Heel Sandal.

Floral High Heel Sandal

Now I want to hear from you!

Will you be grabbing a Tote on Tote day? What items are you hoping to get?

Are you getting a Tote for the first time? Click here to sign up by using my referral link. I highly recommend that you set up your style profile and your account before the Totes go on sale so that your check out process will be as smooth as possible.

Want to learn more about Golden Tote? Click here to view my latest review.

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Up Next: The Legend

This post is sponsored by Absopure. All opinions are my own. 


It’s race weekend! I will be at The Legend which is the 3rd race in the Running Fit Serious Series! It is honestly hard for me to believe that I just typed that sentence as it feels like I just registered for the Serious Series not that long ago. I know, I know…….time flies!

Not familiar with The Legend? I am not either! It will be my first time running it but my experience with Running Fit races has been nothing but positive so I am sure that this race will be no exception. I would like the temps to be a little less steamy than they have been but I can’t really hold Running Fit accountable for that can I?

Thankfully even if the temps don’t cool off, my favorite water company, Absopure, will be there making sure that myself and the rest of the runners stay hydrated. Absopure is the official water sponsor of all Running Fit races after all.


The Legend offers both a 5 mile and a half marathon option. I naturally signed up for the half because I had plenty of time to train and I planned to be in peak condition. Alas, I haven’t been training consistently and I am certainly not in peak condition but I am going to give it my best regardless.

 The Legend takes place in Sleepy Hollow State Park, which is north of Lansing. It will be a bit of a drive for Chris and I but we hear it is worth it. Someone please remind me of this when I get up at too freakin early o’clock tomorrow.

The trails are said to be mostly grass-covered so I am debating whether or not I should wear my trail shoes. If you have done this race, I would love your input.

Since this is the last race of the Serious Series, I will not only walk away with the medal for The Legend but I will also get the bonus medal for completing the series! I do love adding to my medal rack.

Are you running or racing this weekend?

Do you have any non-running plans?

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