My First Mammogram

Add a mammogram to your to do list!

Add a mammogram to your to do list!


I had my first ever mammogram last Thursday. It is not something that I thought I would blog about, instead I thought it would be something that I would try to forget about untill I had to face it again next year.

So why AM I blogging about it? Because I feel like I need to let women know that it is not as bad as everyone thinks that it is going to be. No, really, I am serious it’s not bad at all! I dreaded having to make the appointment to get a mammogram. I know it is an important test as my Mom is a breast cancer survivor but I have heard so many horror stories about how painful and difficult mammograms are. The day of the mammogram I was quite nervous and worried about the pain factor. The staff at the mammography office tried to assure me that I had nothing to fear but I didn’t believe them. Turns out they were right! At worst I would say a mammogram is uncomfortable because of the awkward positions that you are put in but it is definitely NOT painful. This was such a relief!

I should mention that the National Cancer Institute recommends that women 40 years and older should get a mammogram every 1-2 years. So if you have been putting yours off, now is the time to make that appointment!

In my case, my doctor recommended that I get a mammogram earlier than the recommended age because I have a family history of breast cancer and also because she noted two areas of concern at my yearly check-up. I should have the results sometime next week.

Have you had a mammogram? Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be?