My Holiday Fitness Wish List

Chris and I are not giving each other gifts for Christmas this year but that isn’t going to stop me from compiling my wish list of running / fitness items! Besides, Santa will be filling my stocking and all of the items on my list are valid stocking stuffers. So here goes!

1. I RUN THIS BODY shirt from Mile Posts.




This was on my wish list from last year, so Santa needs to get on this one stat! ;) I actually got this exact shirt for my Idiots Running Club Secret Santa recipient so I am a bit jealous of her. (I almost didn’t send it to her but I thought that would be bad holiday karma so I did reluctantly send it out.)

2. A subscription to the Picky Bars Picky Club.




I LOVE Picky Bars. In fact this past weekend they were 30% off so I got a box AND Chris bought a box too. I am in Picky Bar heaven right now and I would really like that to continue. If I became a card-carrying member of the Picky Club I would get a scrumptious box of these every month and then perhaps I wouldn’t have to hide them. Okay, I lie, I would still hide them but at least I would always have a constant supply.

3. Fun Socks




I LOVE fun socks to run or race in. I tend to get the Sock It To Me brand off of Amazon but I am okay with any brand as long as they are comfy looking and fun. In the picture above is another gift for my IRC Secret Santa recipient and one pair is mine. I can’t tell you which is which because she hasn’t received them yet but I as you can tell both pairs are a win.

4. Slim Fit Buff




Thanks to Detroit Runner’s Christmas Gift Guide For Runners, I now want a Buff. I would prefer the Slim Fit Expo one just because I prefer the color versus the one pictured above but more important than the color is that I hope that it will make outside Winter running more bearable. Evidently there are 1,000 other ways it can be worn so I am sure I can find something to do with it even after Winter is over. (How bad is it that I am already looking forward to Winter being over? lol)

5. Knuckle Lights




When it is dark out I run with a head lamp but I am thinking that the Knuckle Lights might be more effective and more comfortable.

6. FlipBelt




I have an iFitness belt that I use for long runs but sometimes I don’t need all of that and I have been really wanting to try the FlipBelt.

7. Training Log





I usually log my miles on DailyMile but I have been trying to keep a paper record of them too. I haven’t really found a paper format that I like yet so I was thinking an actual paper training log might be the way to go. I am not partial to any particular training log but the one above by Nathan might be good although I would prefer a log that starts the week on Sunday because that IS when the week starts, at least for me anyways.

8. Race Entries

This is by far the best present you can get a runner. Running and racing can be expensive, so to have one less race that I have to pay for would rock my world. And it really isn’t difficult to find out what races I (or any other runner) are planning for 2014, just get us talking. I guarantee that we will tell you without much probing!


What is on your holiday fitness wish list this year?


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