A Christmas Story Run Recap

I need to preface this recap with a disclaimer. This recap is going to be tainted because 1) I was really sick and should not have been running and thus my experience was subpar because of my own doing. 2) I have never seen A Christmas Story in its entirety so a lot of the experience was lost on me.

With that being said, you will probably want to stop by the bf’s blog after you read my post to get a review from a runner who was not sick and who can recite every line from A Christmas Story by heart. Click here to check out his post.

On Friday night Chris and I made the trek down to Cleveland. What I really should have been doing was sleeping in my bed under 5 blankets but the race was special to him and I didn’t want him to miss it. I also was hoping that maybe I would feel better by morning.

By morning I was the same if not worse. My nose wouldn’t stop running, I was coughing, I had zero energy and my eyes were so swollen and puffy I couldn’t even put my contacts in. On top of all of that it was COLD out. At race time it was about 27 with a real feel of 12. COLD! On the upside the cold made my nose stop running, I assume because it was all frozen up in there instead. I took that as a win.

On the upside I did have fun socks on.

On the upside I did have fun socks on.

We got to packet pick up close to 7am as we received countless emails that packet pick up would be crazy. We found it to be pretty quick and smooth sailing and we ended up with lots of time before the 9am start.

Luckily packet pick up was inside a mall that was around the corner from the start line so we were able to hang out in there and stay warm.

Once we started I realized that this 5k was going to be a difficult one for me. My goal was to just finish and every mile marker I passed felt like the greatest thing I had ever accomplished. Because I had to put so much energy into every step I made I don’t remember a ton about the course. I do remember that I thought the bridge was cool and I also enjoyed seeing the skyline of Cleveland as we ran by. That’s about it.

The bf on the other hand was in his glory and was taking lots of pics. Like I said, his recap will probably be more enjoyable to read then mine.

I do remember the finish line and feeling so relieved that I finally made it. And for the first time Chris crossed the finish line before me as I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to keep up with him. But if he is going to beat me in any race, this was the perfect one for it to happen in.

Once we crossed the finish line we got our awesome medal.


And then we grabbed some things to refuel with. I have to say they had a ton of different options which was a nice surprise.

After the race we waited in line to go into the Christmas Story House. It was fun to see but it didn’t have as much value to me as it did to Chris but I enjoyed seeing him so excited about it. We also hit up the gift shop to get a few mementos of our trip there.

A Christmas Story House

A Christmas Story House

Then we waited in line for the bus to take us back to the start area. We waited in line for just shy of 30 minutes which between being sick and it being so cold, it felt like an eternity.

Other than waiting in line for the bus and me being sick I think it was a fun race. If you are ever able to do it I recommend it. They also had a virtual race option as well, so those that don’t live near could still get in on the fun.

The Race Swag!

The Race Swag!


Now it is your turn! What did you do this weekend?

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