Fitness Gifts for Active Guys

Today’s post is by a guest blogger, Quinn! Quinn is a self-proclaimed healthy living enthusiast. She enjoys playing soccer, going running, hiking and staying active with her family! You can find Quinn’s blog by clicking here. I recently posted a Holiday Fitness Wish List which was mostly geared towards women so I am excited for Quinn to share her ideas for fitness gifts for guys!

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Find the Perfect Gift For the Active Man in Your Life

If you are married to an active man like I am, chances are you are looking for a gift that allows your husband to indulge his craving for intense physical workouts. Fortunately, a number of gift items are available for men who engage in active sports, gym activities and outdoor activities.

Gym Membership

A gym membership may be at the top of your active man’s list. You can find a number of gyms in your area, some of which have special activities that may suit his individual needs. Swimming pools, basketball leagues and other activities will satisfy your active husband’s need to keep moving. If he already has a membership, consider a gift certificate for time with a personal trainer. A trainer can help your spouse work on special problems and give him the information he needs to get into top form.

Set of Free Weights

If the man in your life is dedicated to fitness, you can make it easy for him to continue his workout program at home with a set of free weights. Free weights are used to strengthen and shape specific muscle groups. Men love using free weights for building well-defined pecs, delts and biceps.

Personalized Golf Balls

If your active man is a golf enthusiast, personalized golf balls can make an early, thoughtful gift that is used throughout the golfing season. RedEnvelope’s Gifts for Dad page has personalized golf balls; I bought my husband some for his birthday a few months back. It may not help out his game, but it will make it easy to separate himself from the group!

Protein Powder

If your mate is into fitness and muscle building, a supply of protein powder might be the perfect gift for him. Protein powder may be made from animal or vegetable protein along with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sweeteners. Some have no sweeteners. These mixtures are used to build muscle mass and to provide needed vitamins that may be depleted by vigorous workout routines. You can find a dizzying array of protein powders types with a variety of components and flavors. Your mate’s personal tastes and some advice from a health food store associate can help you choose the right type for his needs.

Heart Rate Monitor

An electronic heart rate monitor can help your active man make his workouts more effective. It can also allow him to balance rest and activity for the healthiest type of workout for his age and condition level. These devices can also help with calorie counting, weight loss and fitness tracking.

Finding the perfect gift during the holiday season can be tricky and somewhat discouraging. I hope this guide helps out a little bit or at least gets your creative juices flowing for that fitness junkie in your life!



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