Why I Am Not A Fan Of Virtual Races

Yea or Nay

Last week I mentioned in this post that I am not a fan of virtual races. While I realize there will be lots of people who don’t agree with me I am quite okay with that. We can disagree but still like each other. Runners are cool like that, right?

So why are virtual races not for me? For me signing up and paying for a race means I get to have the whole race experience. The packet pick up, the pre-race mingling with a bunch of people I don’t know but who are runners and are therefore already awesome, the race itself, the post race food and entertainment and of course the medal!

A virtual race means I just get one thing…..the medal. And while I will readily admit to being a medal whore. (I mean you have seen my medal rack, haven’t you?)


I want more than a medal! Yes, I said it. Out loud. On the internet. So it must be true. I want more than a medal. I want all the hoopla that I mentioned above. I don’t want to do a training run and get a medal at the end of it. That is not a race. It’s just not.

The only time I would consider participating in a virtual race (and I am making an exception when I run the IRC Skunk Run in March) is if I can duplicate the race experience. Meaning get a group of people together to meet up, run together and maybe grab some food after. And even then, that is still borderline not a race to me.

I know many of you will point out that some virtual races raise money for charity and I think that is great! And again, if that is your thing and your reason for doing the virtual run, keep doing what you do. Because at the end of the day, I am going to keep doing what I do and virtual races are just not my thing.

I want to hear what you think! Are virtual races a yea or nay with you?

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