Magical Memories!

If you saw this post you may be wondering where my recap is on how mine and B’s trip to Disney went. Well here it is!

As you can imagine he was quite surprised to hear that we were going to Disney, although I don’t think he completely grasped what he was about to experience. To see his reaction when I let the mouse our of the bag, you can click here for a short video. I love his reaction!

To sum up our trip, we had a great but exhausting time!

I will let the pictures below tell the story and then I will clue you in on what I think I did that made the trip better and what I wish I would have done differently.


B's first plane ride!
B’s first plane ride!
A selfie while on Disney's Magical Express.
A selfie while on Disney’s Magical Express.
At our hotel - Disney's Pop Century.
At our hotel – Disney’s Pop Century.
Giant keyboard by the computer pool at our hotel.
Giant keyboard by the computer pool at our hotel.


Yes, it rained but we didn't let it damper our spirits.
Yes, it rained but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits.
B's favorite ride - Buzz Lightyear!
B’s favorite ride – Buzz Lightyear!
I think he almost has it!
I think he almost has it!


The only "characters" that he wasn't afraid of.
The only “characters” that he wasn’t afraid of.
Getting Goofy!
Getting Goofy!
His other favorite ride - Star Tours!
His other favorite ride – Star Tours!
Disney Junior!
Disney Junior!
There's tired and then there's Disney tired. (At the airport.)
There’s tired and then there’s Disney tired. (At the airport.)

So what did I do right?

1. Keeping the trip a secret – This tactic was used so I could give B a HUGE surprise but also so I could save my sanity. If I had told B in advance about the trip he would have pestered me about it non stop.

2. Letting B dictate our day – The trip went very smoothly mostly because I let B be “in charge” of the day. When he was ready to leave the park, we left. I didn’t push him to keep going when he was tired and needed a break. Instead, we went back to the hotel and took a nap on day 1 and went swimming on day 2. After he recharged, we headed back to the park. There were also some rides that we never got to and that was ok!

3. Having him wear his Road ID – Quite some time ago, I had a Road ID made for him for a trip that we took to Cedar Point. I had forgotten about it but after reading Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat’s blog posts about Disney and her tips for traveling with kids, I dug it back out for him to wear while we were there. It gave me a piece of mind knowing that, heaven forbid if we were to be separated, he was wearing all the information needed for someone to contact me.

4. Prepping B for his first flight – Since B had never flown before I wasn’t sure how he would react to everything. I came across a TSA video for kids that helped B understand what it would be like in the airport and it was a huge help!

What would I have done differently?

1. Booked a preferred room – Our room could not have been any farther from the main building of Pop Century! It would have been well worth the extra $10 to have paid for a preferred room closer to the main building and bus stops.

2. Checked our luggage – We each had a carry on plus one personal item because it was free to do so. However, lugging it all through the airport plus trying to keep B on task was a challenge. It would have been worth the fee to check our suitcases.

Have you been to Disney? How was your experience?

What tips do have for traveling? What about traveling with kids?









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