Animal Kingdom Recap and Galaxy Camera Review

This post was made possible by Verizon. While I was not compensated in any way for this post, I did receive a demo Samsung Galaxy Camera that was returned to Verizon.                         As always, all opinions are my own.


Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about recapping mine and Chris’s last day at Disney World! To make sure you are up to speed, let’s make sure that you have read all of my Disney posts from our trip. First I blogged about Disney planning tips, then a recap of Magic Kingdom and a recap of Hollywood Studios.

As I mentioned, Animal Kingdom was our last day of vacation, so it was bittersweet. However, it was the best park of the three that we visited to have as our last day. Why? There wasn’t as much to do at Animal Kingdom as there was at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

The park was very beautiful and the animals were nice but all of the animals they had are ones that I can see at the Detroit Zoo. I am lucky to live near such a great zoo but truth be told, I didn’t come all the way to Florida to see what I can see at home.

There were some great rides and attractions there though, don’t get me wrong. We will get to those soon.

Favorite Ride: Expedition Everest. This will probably surprise Chris since I was hesitant to go on it and also since I am scared of heights. But I rode this twice and it wasn’t as scary as I expected.

Chris freaked me out by taking pics while on Everest. lol
Chris freaked me out by taking pics while on Everest. lol

Least Favorite Ride: Wildlife Express Train. I assumed that we would see animals while on the train but I assumed wrong. Evidently it is just a mode of transportation from one area of the park to another, so it was more disappointment than not liking it that earned this one my least favorite ride.

Favorite Show: It is a tie between Finding Nemo and It’s Tough to be a Bug! Both were great for different reasons. Finding Nemo had excellent acting and fantastic puppets whereas It’s Tough to be a Bug had a lot of unexpected surprises.

Finding Nemo!
Finding Nemo!
It's a Bugs Life!
It’s Tough to be a Bug!

Least Favorite Show: None. The only other show we saw was Flights of Wonder which was a bird show. It certainly paled in comparison to the other two shows that we saw but there is nothing bad to say about it.

FastPasses Used: Everest, Primeval Whirl and Kilimanjaro Safari. All good choices!

Food Consumed: We are lunch at Restaurantosaurus. Nothing memorable about it comes to mind. And then dinner was at the airport before we went home.

What would I do different: Nothing. As I said before, this was the perfect park for our last day since it isn’t someplace where you could spend a whole day at. Although, I do wonder what we missed out on at Epcot. 😉

Now that you know all about our Disney trip, I want to switch gears and talk about all the fabulous pictures that you have seen in this post and the others.


Thanks to Verizon, I got to take the Samsung Galaxy Camera with us on our trip. As you can see it takes awesome pics! It can also be connected to Verizon’s network so you can take a picture and share it on any social media site. Chris and I both really liked that camera and we were really bummed when it was time to give it back. If you are looking for a camera with great features and the ability to connect to the internet, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is for you!

Have you been to the Animal Kingdom? What did you like / not like?

Ever used the Samsung Galaxy Camera? How do you like it?


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