What About The Burpees?



Today I am going to come clean about the burpees from my Spartan Race.


Ok…..Well, um the thing is, I didn’t do all of the burpees that I was supposed to do.

I know, I *should* have done them. And I wish that I would have been able to have done them because I am the type of person who stays true to what I commit to, even if it involves bucking furpees.

The total amount of burpees that I was supposed to do was 150 which includes an extra 30 at the end of the race that I volunteered for so that I could get a pack of Spartan stickers.

I really wanted them for my car! They were worth the 30 burpees.
I really wanted them for my car! They were worth the 30 burpees.

Out of those 150, I did 100. And honestly, that was all that I could do. There wasn’t any more left in me.

There will be some people who will scoff at the fact that I didn’t do all of my burpees. I know that might sound strange to some of you but trust me, I have seen people complain on social media about other Spartans not doing all of their burpees.

But here is the way that I look at it. Unless you are running in the elite heat, the amount of burpees that you do is irrelevant. Non elites should run the race to the best of their ability, end of story.

And for those of you who get your panties in a bunch because the person next to you didn’t complete their burpees, you completely missed the point on what being a real Spartan is all about.

Now it is your turn to weigh in!

How do you feel about me not completing all of my burpees?

And how do you feel about burpees? Love em or hate em?

Let’s all do 30 burpees now just for fun! GO!



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