Spartan Race Results & Photos!

My official results from the Indiana Spartan Sprint have been posted!

Overall Time: 2:21:57

Overall Rank: 3435 out of 6178 total runners

Gender Rank: 739 out of 1900 women

Age Group Rank: 110 out of 328 in “my” age group. (They actually had me listed as one year older which put me in the age group above mine. No biggie.)

Overall I am very happy with my results!

Another great thing about Spartan Race is that the pics that their photographers take on the course are available for free for the racers to download. I love, love, love that as race pictures can be quite pricey.

Here are a few of my pictures. I thought that I would have more but all I could find was the sand bag carry and the fire jump at the finish line.


unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)

Pretty sweet pics right? Especially since they were free!


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