Shoes For OCRs and Mud Runs

I think it is safe to say that running the Spartan Race has definitely put mud runs and obstacle course races at the forefront of my mind again! And there are no complaints from me about that.

One thing that I made a note of when I was running the Spartan Race were my shoes. More specifically that I think it is time to look at shoes that are more suited for mud runs and OCRs.

Up until this point my shoe plan for mud runs and OCRs was just to wear my oldest pair of running shoes.

At the Spartan Race, I wore these.

unnamed (1)

They are Mizuno Evo Cursoris. Overall they were ok at the race. They are comfy but they held onto the water and mud and made my feet feel 10 pounds heavier. So although they are a good everyday running shoe they are not good for mud runs.

Recently I picked up my first pair of trail shoes.

unnamed (2)

They are Altra Superiors. I have yet to try them out yet but I hope to hit up some trails this weekend.

I love Altra’s and they are my preferred running shoe because I like zero drop shoes and they are also super comfy but I am not sure if even these will be good for mud runs and OCRs. The toe box on Altra shoes is much larger than regular shoes. I like that feature for an everyday running shoe and even for a trail shoe but that feature may be a hindrance when climbing obstacles.

After a little research, I have come up with two shoes that may make great mud run / OCR shoes.

1. Inov-8 Trailroc 150 

Photo from Zappos
Photo from Zappos

I like these because they are zero drop and from my internet research I saw lots of rave review about the brand Inov-8 in general. This specific shoe is a trail shoe. Now Inov-8 does make a shoe specifically designed for OCRs. It is called the MudClaw and while that shoe definitely has piqued my interest, I am hesitant because it has a 3mm drop and I am not sure how I would like that since I have been running in zero drop for such a long time.

2. Reebok All Terrain Sprint 

Photo from Reebok
Photo from Reebok

As you may know, Reebok is a sponsor of the Spartan Race and they now have a full line of shoes for OCRs. I love that the shoe has a drainage port and various grip areas all over the shoe to assist with getting over obstacles. What I do not like is that they do not have a zero drop option. I am not even sure what the drop is on this particular shoe as I couldn’t find the specs but I am guessing that it is not zero drop.

In an ideal world I could try out BOTH of these shoes and then decide which one I like best. Perhaps if Reebok or Innov-8 is listening I can do a shoe-off between them. How great would that be?! (Just for kicks we can all tweet to them both to encourage them to hop on board with my shoe-off idea! Click here to tweet to Inov-8 and here for Reebok. It doesn’t hurt to try!)

But more than likely I will have to take the plunge and spend my own money so before I do that I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you run mud runs or OCRs what shoes do you run in? What shoes do you wish you could try?

If you don’t run mud runs or OCRs which of the two above do you think I should get?

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