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Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am asking you to help me win a gift of a new clothes for my friend Jaymi so she doesn’t have to feel guilty about doing something for herself.

You may remember me introducing you to Jaymi earlier in the year when I shared a story regarding her younger son Marshall who was involved in a freak accident with a lawn mower. I am happy to report that Marshall, Jaymi and their entire family has received tremendous support and that Marshall is making unbelievable progress.

I have been following their journey on Facebook (you can too) and it has been very inspiring to me. Jaymi has shown her strength in so many ways and her candidness about her family’s journey is very touching.

One post that Jaymi made in particular really struck a cord with me and I want to share a portion of it with you.

“I’m in awe of the support we have received! A few nights ago I experienced someone’s words that dug deep and hurt. It was in regards to how someone is spending donated money. It wasn’t directed at my family but the one it was is experiencing something very similar. I’m not bashing that person by any means. Just those words. I think I’ve shared the anxiety I experience over shopping now. It actually took me over 10 mins and a rapid heart rate to buy salsa! Salsa!!! Oh and the day I purchased bobby pins ( girls you know the disappear so easily) I hid them under my bread and sweated the whole time because I was sure someone knew! It has gotten easier but still hard. It’s donated money from all of you. I treasure each dollar. Not for the face value but for what it means and who it came from.” 

My heart hurt that she felt so much anxiety and guilt over salsa and bobby pins. And I was certain if she felt that way about small items, she certainly wasn’t allowing herself to buy other things, like clothes.

So when I saw the $1000 gift card giveaway that Stitch Fix was running I immediately knew that I wanted to nominate Jaymi so that she could get some new clothes for herself without having to feel the guilt.

This is where you come in! The winner is decided by the most number of votes. Voting is simple and fast. And best of all you only need to vote once so I won’t be pestering you to vote everyday.

Just click HERE and then scroll down to the pic of Jaymi with Marshall. You will see Betsy M under the pic as I am the one that nominated her. Click on the box on the upper right side of the pic to vote and that’s it!

If you want to share her story to help get more votes, that would be appreciated too!

Thank you!

If you voted for Jaymi, please comment below with where you are from!

I would love to see how many states and counties we can cover for Jaymi!

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