RunDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Costume

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STar Wars (2)

As you know, Chris and I are doing the Rebel Challenge at the inaugural RunDisney Star Wars weekend. You’ve already seen my costume for the 1ok (but if not click here) and I promised you a peek at my costume for the half marathon. So here it is! (34)

That’s right, I am going as a blinged out version of Darth Vader. I can only assume that if Darth Vader was aware of the power of a little sparkle he would have been all for it.

For the half marathon I went with more official running gear as opposed to costume gear. I can run in anything for a 10k or less but for a half I need to be a little bit more in more in my comfort zone.

Let’s break down the costume piece by piece!

1. Darth Vader Tank – Like the R2D2 tank, I also got the Darth Vader tank from ThinkGeek. It is not a tech shirt but it is flowy enough where I think I will be ok with it. I can always put a tech shirt under it if I decide to.

2. Black Sparkle Skirt from Sparkle Athletic – These skirts are super comfy and you can wear them over your favorite pair of running shorts!

3. Nike Pro Shorts – My favorite running shorts. They are the only kind that I run in!

4. Gunmetal Sparkle Headsweats Visor – I am a big fan of wearing visors when I run and this particular one I got this past Summer and I love it. It keeps the sweat out of my face, doesn’t squeeze my head and it sparkles. What more could you ask for?

So there you have it! Stay tuned next month for a recap of the Rebel Challenge weekend!

Have you ever done a RunDisney event?

Have you ever raced in a costume?