Garth Brooks World Tour Review: Detroit

Garth Brooks World Tour Review

You guys!!! The Garth concert in Detroit this past weekend was AMAZING! This was my third time seeing Garth (I saw him once in Nashville and once in Vegas) so I knew that it was going to be great but his Detroit show managed to surpass all of my expectations!

Chris ended up going with me to the concert because my friend was sick. (I’m a super fan so I would have to be dying in order to miss Garth. lol)  Chris is not a country fan so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go but I am happy to say that he definitely made the best of it and at the end of the night he readily admitted that although he doesn’t like country music he found Garth to be a great entertainer! That’s a win for me!

Prior to the show we had dinner at the new Detroit HopCat. You can read more about that on my other blog HERE. After dinner we drove to the Hockey Town Cafe where I had reserved us a parking spot in one of the parking lots near the Cafe and the Fox Theatre. Olympia Entertainment was offering a free shuttle from Hockey Town Cafe to the Joe Louis Arena where the concert was being held and I had decided that that would be our best option. Turned out I made a great decision as we got back to the Hockey Town Cafe relatively quickly after the concert ended and didn’t have to fight any traffic whereas those that parked down by the Joe were stuck in the parking garages for well over an hour.

We got to the Joe with a lot of time to spare before the concert started. For this concert (yes I am going next week too) I had lower bowl tickets which required me to swipe my credit card that I used to purchase the tickets to gain entry. All of that went very smooth. Before finding our seats I purchased my mandatory Garth Brooks concert t-shirt to add to my growing collection.

Garth Brooks Detroit

And our seats? Our seats were AWESOME! We were in section 109 row 12 seats 5 and 6, in case you were wondering. (Not the closest I’ve been though. In Vegas I was in row 2! Row 2 people.) They gave us a great view for the entire show. Although the Joe is relatively small so I don’t think that there could be any bad seats there. Plus at a Garth concert there is no such thing as a bad seat in my opinion. I mean if you are at a Garth concert, that in itself is awesome.

Karyn Rochelle was the opening act for the Garth concert. If memory serves me correctly, she opened for Garth in Nashville too. She has a great voice and although I wasn’t familiar with her songs, I enjoyed them. I actually ended up purchasing a couple of them on iTunes when I got home. Karyn also happens to be one of Garth’s back up singers so we saw her for the rest of the night after she performed.

Karyn Rochelle

Garth came on right after Karyn. He played a few of his newer songs but mostly played his old stuff because let’s face it, that is what everyone was there to hear! When he played his newer songs, the jumbotron had the words displayed on it so we could still sing along. If you have ever been to a Garth concert you know that the crowd sings along to every single song.

Garth Brooks in Detroit  - The Everyday Warrior

About halfway through Garth’s set, Trisha came on to sing In Anothers Eyes with Garth and then she sang a few of her own songs. They are always great together!

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood in Detroit - The Everyday Warrior

Garth ended the show with The Dance, a song that means a lot to me.

He then came back out for several encores! I was surprise how much longer he stayed out after the concert “ended”. Not sure if he would be able to do that the next day where he had a show both at 7pm and 10:30pm as we were the only show he had on Friday night. I would like to think that we saw the better of the 3 shows that weekend. 😉

Garth Brooks in the D - The Everyday Warrior

As Chris mentioned Garth is a great entertainer. His energy was high the entire concert and the banter in between songs was enjoyable. But even better than his great music and entertaining personality, Garth is very gracious and made every single person there feel like they were important and appreciated for coming to his concert. He has this way of pointing into the crowd where he somehow manages to connect with every single person in every single section. His humbleness and appreciative disposition certainly sets him apart from a lot of other singers out there that are all about themselves.

Garth Brooks wearing Tigers Jersey - The Everyday Warrior

Garth Brooks wearing Tigers Jersey 2 - The Everyday Warrior

If you ever have a chance to see Garth in concert I highly recommend that you do! I will be seeing him next weekend in Detroit because well why not?! And I can not wait!

Have you ever seen Garth in concert?

What was your favorite concert that you have been to?