How To Carry Water On A Run

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How To Carry Water On A Run - The Everyday Warrior

As you may know, I always carry water (Absopure, of course) with me when I head out for a run. Even if I do not end up needing the water I just like knowing that it is there. I guess you could say it is like my runners security blanket. I developed my incessant need to carry water with me due to going on one too many runs where I was thirsty and I didn’t have any water with me. All of my best lessons were learned the hard way.

How do I carry water with me? 

I have two options in my runners arsenal that I use to carry water with me when I run. Which one I use is based upon what kind of run I am doing.

1. Handheld Water Bottle

Amphipod Handheld Water Bottle - The Everyday Warrior

I have two Amphiopod handheld water bottles. One is the larger 20 oz bottle and the other is the smaller 12 oz bottle. I love my Amphipod water bottles because they have a little pocket in the handle that I can store my key and inhaler. I also find them to be very comfortable on my hand and most times I forget that they are even there. I use the 20 oz bottle the most just because it holds more water and it has a bigger pocket.

I typically use my Amhipod bottles on a majority of my runs and races. The only exception would be a mud run or obstacle course race or a trail run / race with few aid stations. Most road races have plenty of aid stations that I can utilize to refill my bottle.

You can purchase an Amphipod bottle for yourself on Amazon by clicking HERE.

2. Hydration Pack

Camelbak Hydration Pack - The Everyday Warrior

For mud runs, obstacle course races and some trail running I use a hydration pack to carry water with me as it can hold more water than a handheld and it also has pockets to carry my running snacks. I currently use a Camelbak Hydration Pack similar to this one HERE on Amazon.

I find my Camelback to be very comfortable as it has adjustable straps and the pockets are a lifesaver for carrying fuel with me as well as water. The bladder (the part that holds the water in the backpack) is easy to take out and clean. And the backpack its self can be put into the washer to get cleaned up after a mud run or OCR and it has held up well so far.

I honestly can not stress enough how important it is that you use a hydration pack for a longer OCR or mud run. I can’t tell you how many times I witnessed racers out on a course that were suffering because they didn’t have any fluids or fuel with them. Race smart people.

Those are the two options that I use but there is one other option out there.

3. Hydration Belts

I have not used a hydration belt but I know a lot of runners do so I wanted to mention it in case that was an option that would interest you. Basically you wear a belt around your waist that has multiple bottles connected to the belt. The multiple bottles allow you to carry multiple hydration options like water AND an electrolyte drink. The belt usually has a pocket as well to store fuel, keys, etc while you run.

Click HERE to see a hydration belt from Amphipod on Amazon. There are lots of other brands of course, but I am a fan of Amphipod bottles.

Now that you know how to carry water with you while running make sure that you fill up with the best PureMichigan water. Absopure! That is the only water that I put in my water bottle and hydration pack!

Do you carry water on your runs?

What do you use to carry it?

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