Martian Race 10k Recap

Over the weekend I ran the Martian Race 10k for the first time thanks to Absopure! As you may know, I partnered up with Absopure over the last few months because not only do I love their water but I also love their focus on healthy living and their support of the running community. They are also the official water sponsor of all Running Fit races, so I will be seeing a lot more of them as I have several Running Fit races already on my race calendar this year.

The Martian race was a bit of a redemption race for me as I was signed up to run it last year but wasn’t able to because I got sick. Chris ran it last year though and he joined me in the 10k as well. It was nice having him with me as he was familiar with where to go and the best place to park.

We picked up our packet the morning of the race which was quick and easy. We also got to see the marathon start which I enjoyed.

Here's the shirt! I love what they did with the sponsors on the back!
Here’s the shirt! I love what they did with the sponsors on the back!

Soon after we dropped our shirts off at the car and hit up the port-a-potties, it was just about time for us to head out onto the course. The 5k and the 10k started together and then later split so there was a good number of people at the start line with us.

I had planned to run the race with Chris but soon after the start he urged me to go on without him. So I did. Not long after we separated I realized I had one layer too many on my top as I had put on both a tank top and a long-sleeved shirt for the race. So for a few miles I played a game called take off my shirt without stopping because stopping wastes time. I slowly got one arm out and ran one-armed. Then I got the other one out and ran with my shirt as a stylish scarf for a little while. Eventually that got old and I stopped so I could untangle my earbuds from my shirt and take it off altogether. I can just imagine the race pictures I am going to get of my slow shirt removal process. lol

The course ended up being better than I expected as there were large portions on a path through the woods. Not quite trail running because it was paved but I’ll take it. While in the woods we also got to cross over two wooden bridges which was nice but oddly bouncy once you made it past the halfway point of the bridges.

There were not a lot of spectators on the course but those who were out there were giving us their full support. There were plenty of volunteers on the course as well as more than enough aid stations. Really the only downside of the course for me is that it was a not a closed course, meaning traffic could still get by in some areas. We were separated from the traffic with cones so it was really not an issue at all, I just prefer closed courses.

The other downside to the race was completely my fault. I ended up running the race naked because I accidentally forgot my Garmin at home. Unless I saw a mile marker I had no idea where I was on the course or how fast I was running. It wasn’t the end of the world but I do prefer to have my Garmin to keep me paced appropriately. I kept looking at my wrist even though I knew it wasn’t there. lol

My finish time ended up being 1:02:12. Not a PR (my 10k PR is 57:03) but I wasn’t looking to PR so I was happy with my time. After I crossed the finish line I got my Martian medal and some refreshments including a cookie and a bottle of Absopure water!

Martian Race Medal!

Thanks Absopure!
Thanks Absopure!

Not long after I finished, Chris finished as well and then we had to high tail it out of there so he could make it to work on time.

But first a runfie!
But first a runfie!

Overall I really enjoyed the Martian Race! I thought it was very well-organized, I liked the theme, the course was nice, the shirt was sweet and the post race refreshments were just what I needed. I would definitely do it again and I recommend that you think about adding it to your race calendar for next year!


Were you at one of the Martian Races? Tell me about it!

Not at the Martian Race? Tell me about your weekend!

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