Golden Tote Review #8: March 2016

Golden Tote Review - February 2016

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to review my March Golden Tote. It’s one of my most favorite ones yet, so you would think I would be shouting about it to anyone who is willing to listen.

Not familiar with Golden Tote? Golden Tote is similar to Stitch Fix but a little different. Golden Tote is a fashion service but you do not automatically receive a Tote each month. (And yes the items actually do arrive in a Tote!) Instead, Totes go on sale the first Monday of the month (the day is sometimes different) on the Golden Tote website. You can choose between either a small Tote for $49 which contains 2 items (you pick 1 of the items yourself) or a large Tote for $149 which contains 5-6 items (you pick 2 of the items yourself).

Like Stitch Fix you fill out your style profile on Golden Tote and that style profile will help your stylist select the surprise items that they send in your Tote!

Golden Tote also has a boutique so you can purchase items separately as well and there is discounted pricing for adding items on to your Tote order. Oh one more thing! The clothing available for the Totes typically changes every month. And since there is a limited supply, getting a Tote with your preferred item(s) feels pretty similar to signing up for a Disney race (of course I compare everything to running somehow). At least in my opinion!

My February Tote was styled by KB and since it was so amazing, I requested her again. And she delivered on all 3 of my surprise items that I requested this month!

Item #1: Out & About Dress

Out & About Dress

I am not usually a midi dress kind of gal. Mostly because my height makes them not midi length of me but this dress was calling out to me.

Out And About Dress Golden Tote

I am so glad that I listened as I think this dress is great. The length ended up being not quite a maxi on me but I think it still works. The dress is super soft and comfy and it has POCKETS! The colors are also brighter than I expected which I am happy about.

Item #2: Puella Swing Into Spring Dress

Puella Swing Into Spring Dress

This was my other chosen item as I can not resist the Puella swing dresses. They make putting together an outfit quick and easy while still looking fashionable.

Puella Swing Into Spring Dress - Golden Tote

I prefer to belt my swings, although I know not everyone does, but to each their own.

Item #3: Give ‘Em the Cold Shoulder Top

Give 'Em the Cold Shoulder Top

Give 'Em the Cold Shoulder Top - Golden Tote

This was an add on item that I think will be great for the weekend or a date night. I think it is super cute!

Item #4: Gilli Cold Shoulder Dress

Gilli Cold Shoulder Dress

This is my first surprise item and it was one of three that I requested. Did I mention that KB came through on all 3 of my surprise item requests???

Gilli Cold Shoulder Dress - Golden Tote

Although I like the dress I did not end up liking it on me. I felt it was a bit too big on me. I ended up selling the dress on the GT Facebook Group so it all worked out in the end.

Item #5: Renee C Polkadot Tab Sleeve Blouse

Renee C Polkadot Tab Sleeve Blouse

This top is cute and it is perfect for work as long as I wear a cami underneath it because it is a little low-cut. It’s definitely a keeper though!

Renee C Polkadot Tab Sleeve Blouse - Golden Tote

Item #6: Chris & Carol Printed Hoodie

Chris & Carol Printed Hoodie

This hoodie is lightweight and it feels like my favorite t-shirt but in hoodie form! It will be a great transitional piece for Spring. Whenever Spring actually gets here.

Chris & Carol Printed Hoodie - Golden Tote

Item #7: Joy & Co FLoral Lace Trim Top

Joy & Co FLoral Lace Trim Top

I love this top except for one thing…it’s a bit boxy on me. I am thinking that wearing it with a belt looks better?

Joy & Co FLoral Lace Trim Top - Golden Tote

I am going to make it work because it is too cute.


I also added on a few accessories to this Tote which I don’t do very often.

Golden Tote Accessories

As I mentioned before, this is my favorite Tote yet! I’ve already requested KB for my April Tote but I plan to not request as many surprise items because I would rather by surprised by a few things.

Speaking of the April Tote, here are the two chosen items that I picked.

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Have you tried Golden Tote? What do you think of it?

What do you think of the items I got in my Tote?


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