Stitch Fix Review #22: May 2016

Stitch Fix Review May 2016

I’m on fix #22?? How crazy is that? I am nearing the two-year mark of Stitch Fixing (that’s a verb now, right) and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. It is too much fun and it has helped me to define my style and expand my wardrobe.

In case you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, let me bring you up to speed. Stitch Fix is a monthly subscription service (although you don’t have to get one every month, you pick how often) that sends you clothes, accessories and SHOES (finally) based on a style profile that you fill out. You can keep what you like and send back what you don’t. There is a $20 styling fee but if you keep any of the items, the $20 fee is deducted from the total purchase price of the item(s) you keep. If you keep all 5 of the items from your fix you receive a 25% discount on EVERYTHING. Basically it is like playing dress up as an adult…..and it is both fun and addicting! To sign up to get a fix of your own, click here to use my referral link!

Every month you can also leave a note for your stylist. So if you have an event that you need some clothes for or if you just have an idea of what kind of pieces you want to add to your wardrobe you can pass that information along!

This month, I challenged my stylist Diana (I feel like I should get her a 2 year anniversary present, she’s great) to send me items that are NOT polyester. You may remember last month’s fix, as I had updated my style profile to reflect that I no longer wanted polyester items but I still received some anyways. This time I added my no polyester request in my stylist note to Diana. Let’s see if is worked, shall we?

Item #1: Gentle Souls Break My Heart 3 Metallic Gladiator Sandal

Gentle Souls Break My Heart 3 Metallic Gladiator Sandal - Stitch Fix

Yay another pair of shoes. Initially when I peaked at my fix (I can’t help it), I wasn’t a fan of these shoes. In fact, I didn’t even want to try them on. I just thought they were not me. Well I did try them on and I LOVED them. They are so comfy and very cute.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) they were about a half a size too big on me, although I did get the size that I normally wear in shoes, so this brand must run big. It’s probably a good thing that they didn’t fit me because these are on the higher end of my price range for shoes and if they had fit I would have been tempted to keep them because they are that amazing.

I’ve added them to my Amazon wish list in case I decide to purchase them in the future. Hopefully they will go on sale at some point. You can view them on Amazon by clicking here.

Cost to Keep: $160.00

Status: Returned

Item #2: Karen Kane Blair Printed Aline Skirt

Karen Kane Blair Printed Aline Skirt - Stitch Fix

My first thought when I saw that this skirt was being sent to me: woah a $118 skirt??? That’s what happens when you ask for higher quality fabrics, you get higher prices. I’ve price checked the skirt online and everyone else has it for roughly the same price.

Karen Kane Blair Printed Aline Skirt Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix - Karen Kane Blair Printed Aline Skirt

I think the skirt is cute and the quality of it is great. However, I just didn’t see myself reaching for it often enough to justify the purchase. Even when I like an item, I try to ask myself how often I will wear it and if it is just a sometimes item, I will usually pass.

Cost to Keep: $118.00

Status: Returned

Item #3: Loveappella Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt

Loveappella Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt - Stitch Fix

I should also mention that I asked Diana to send my boho casual items this month and this skirt definitely fits that description. I could instantly see myself wearing this all summer with a tank top and flip-flops. The perfect summer outfit.

Loveappella Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt Stitch Fix

On top of liking how the skirt looks, I LOVE how it feels. It is so so so soft. (And again, no polyester.) I honestly didn’t want to take it off.

Stitch Fix - Loveappella Deanne Printed Maxi Skirt

The only downside to the skirt is that the pattern does not line up on the seams on the sides of the skirt. Usually this bothers me and I won’t keep an item if the pattern doesn’t line up. In this case, everything else about the skirt screamed keeper to me and the pattern issue didn’t really bother me for some reason.

Cost to Keep: $58.00

Status: Kept!

Item #4: Pixley Malan Cargo Jacket

Pixley Malan Cargo Jacket - Stitch Fix

I am still on the hunt for the perfect spring jacket, so Diana sent me this one to see if it was THE one.

Pixley Malan Cargo Jacket Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix May 2016 - Pixley Malan Cargo Jacket

It’s not. The color is not right for me and it seems too big on me. I am almost starting to regret sending back the one from last month because I really did like it and I haven’t been able to find a jacket that I like anywhere else. And trust me, I’ve looked in lots of places. If you see one that you think I will love, let me know! Please!

Cost to Keep: $84.00

Status: Returned

Item #5: THML Kimmi Keyhole Halter Top

THML Kimmi Keyhole Halter Top - Stitch Fix

Normally I am not a fan of halter tops because high-necked tops are not typically flattering on me but I think this one is pretty great!

Stitch Fix May 2016 - THML Kimmi Keyhole Halter Top

THML Kimmi Keyhole Halter Top Stitch Fix

The keyhole cut outs and the pattern on the neckline really make this blouse. The keyholes also make the top appear to be lower cut which makes it look more flattering on me than a normal halter top. As with the rest of the items in my fix, this top is also NOT polyester. I can see myself wearing this a lot this summer.

Cost to Keep: $54.00

Status: Kept!

So that was my no polyester, boho casual fix! It was great to see that Stitch Fix does indeed have some great non-polyester options and it was fun to try on pieces at different price points to give me a wide range of options. Overall, I thought this was a great fix and of course, I already can’t wait until next month.

Ready to get your own fix? Click HERE to sign up for Stitch Fix through my referral link. It makes me happy when you do! 

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What did you think of my fix this month?

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