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     1. A person engaged or experienced in warfare; a soldier.

     2. A person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.

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Hi! My name is Betsy and I consider myself to be an everyday warrior.

Although I do not have any experience in “warfare” in the traditional sense, I have certainly had my fair share of battles throughout my life as well as the ones we all face on a daily basis. And even though I am not always successful, I try to approach each day with strength, determination and happiness.

I am a mother to one child. A boy who is 7, who I refer to as B on this blog. He is very opinionated, stubborn and demanding. But he is also very loving, caring and inquisitive. I enjoy seeing the world through his eyes!

B and I live in the Metro Detroit area with my boyfriend Chris and his two kids. Merging our two families together is still a work in progress but we are trying to enjoy the ride!

Speaking of the boyfriend, he is also a blogger! You can follow along with his antics on his geeky blog The Nerf Herder. Chris is a beginning runner and although we are both bloggers and runners that is about where the similarities stop. We are very opposite from each other but that makes our relationship more interesting and I (for the most part) enjoy our differences.

Unlike Chris, I have been a runner on and off since high school. I became more serious about it at the end of 2009. I have completed many different types and lengths of races. Everything from 5ks to half marathons and even Obstacle Course Races! You can view all the races I have run by clicking here.

Obstacle Course Races and trail races are my favorite types of races! Getting out and connecting with nature makes me feel more connected to myself while getting muddy and conquering obstacles lets my badassery out!


Despite my love for mud and nature I am a bit of a girly girl. I love fashion and clothes but oddly enough I don’t enjoy shopping. Well not in stores anyways. Thanks goodness for online shopping and subscription boxes as they allow me to indulge my inner fashion fiend without the frustration of going to a store. To read my subscription box reviews click here.

I also love to travel and I use running as an excuse to do so as often as possible. Runcations are the best and they help satisfy my wanderlust tendencies.

Want to know some other random factoids about me? I am a huge country music fan and one of Garth Brooks biggest fans. I also can not get through the day without at least two pieces of chocolate. (Just another reason why I run!)

Now that you know a little about me, let me tell you what this blog is about! I am a Healthy Living Lifestyle Blogger which means that the main focus of my blog is on healthy living. I share the ups and downs of my training, races, fitness product reviews and other things that are health and fitness related. Because there is way more to me than just running, the lifestyle portion of my blog allows me to share other parts of my life with you that I am passionate about like family, fashion and travel! I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

I would love to connect with you outside of my blog so feel free to follow me on my social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest and DailyMile. You can also email me at bamoats@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you!

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