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Exercise Induced Reactive Airway

With all the drama of getting Brennen’s x-ray results and the excitement of starting a Facebook page for my blog, I forgot to report back about my recent doctor’s appointment.

As you already know, I have been wheezing when I run. After spending two hours at the doctor’s office being examined, having a chest x-ray, enduring a pulmonary test and getting numerous vials of blood drawn, my current diagnosis is exercise induced reactive airway. Which basically means that when I participate in vigorous aerobic activity my airway becomes restricted and causes wheezing and shortness of breath. The doctor still wants to determine whether the cause of the reactive airway is asthma or allergies, thus the blood tests.┬áIn the meantime, I have been prescribed an albuterol inhaler to use 15 minutes before I exercise. So far I have run two times since being prescribed the inhaler and it has made a world of difference! I can actually breath! I only wish that I had gone to the doctor two months ago!

Have you ever put off going to the doctor and later regretted it?

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