Parenting Outside of the Box

I am sure most of you have already heard the story about the Canadian couple who have decided not to reveal the sex of their youngest child so that the child can decide who he or she wants to be without the influence of society’s gender stereotypes. If not, click here.

What are your thoughts?

My hubby and I have obviously announced to the world that Brennen is a boy. However, we try to refrain from imposing traditional gender stereotypes on him. Brennen doesn’t like to get dirty but he has no fear when it comes to jumping off things. He loves cars and balls just as much as he loves playing dress-up and cooking in his play kitchen. When he picks out fruit snacks at the grocery store he almost always selects the Tinkerbell ones and for his birthday he chose Dora the Explorer invitations that were pink. He loves Handy Manny and his current favorite color is purple.

Although we try very hard not to coerce Brennen into choosing “boy” things, we are certainly not perfect. When picking out his backpack for daycare last year, he really wanted the pink Dora the Explorer backpack but I swayed him into choosing the blue Diego backpack. (For the record, I felt really bad about it after the fact.) When we brought home his pink Dora birthday party invites, my hubby wanted to know if those were the only ones at the store. (Eventually he became comfortable with the invitations.)

The bottom line is we want Brennen to be happy and comfortable with who he is and know that we love him for who he is now and who he turns out to be. For this reason we will continue to encourage him to blur the traditional gender roles society has in place but at the same time we hope he celebrate being a “boy” as that is part of who he is.