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The Real Reason Why I Run

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Sure, I run because it’s fun and because I want to stay fit and healthy but the real reason I run is to stay sane.

Running is my therapy.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t benefit from the traditional kind of therapy. It works for a lot of people but has never really appealed to me. I should also mention that I am guilty of partaking in “bad” types of therapies from time to time such as retail therapy and Ben & Jerry’s therapy.¬†However, ¬†neither “bad” therapy ever truly helps me longer than in that moment.

Running on the other hand has helped me work through a wide range of issues. Some happy, some sad. Some easy, some hard.

Not every problem I have faced has been completely solved during a run, but I certainly return from each run with a greater sense of clarity about the problem at hand and my emotional state has been restored.

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For me, every emotion I feel provides a great reason to run. If I am happy, running just makes me happier. If I am sad, running lifts my mood. If I am angry, I can run out my frustration. In some ways you can say that I have become dependent upon running to keep me emotionally balanced. I often crave running in the same way that other people crave food or alcohol. I don’t just want to run, I need to run!

So now that you know the real reason I run, what is the real reason you run? Or if you are not a runner, what do you do to stay sane?

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